Ways to improve your relationship with your dog

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The relationship between dogs and humans is extraordinary. We are united by a powerful bond which can take work to establish, but is only strengthened over time.

Whether you have a young dog or would just like to improve the relationship with your old dog, there are a number of techniques you can follow to help. Spending time with him, being tender and affectionate, trying new things – there are small things you can do from time to time to make friends with your dog.

Spend time together

Take your dog to new places, watch TV with him, talk to him. These are things that bring you closer to your pet.

To have a good relationship with your dog, you must devote time to him; this is how you will get to know him better. If you do not spend time with him, then how do you build a relationship, it’s mission impossible!

How much time do you spend on your dog? Ten minutes a day, 20 minutes, more. When I say spend time, that does not mean, we come back from work, we take the dog around the corner for 10 minutes, and we go home. What I mean is to share activities to exchange with him while playing, to make daily walks.

When you spend time with your dog is giving him attention (caresses, games, activities), take a walk for a pee poo to two meters from the house is not enough. The time you devote to your dog must be rewarding and educational. If you never have time to spend to your hairball, then refrain from acquiring a dog in your life.

Respect him

We are so focused on ourselves that we sometimes forget our dog. Show your dog that you respect his tastes and do not do the things that annoy him.

If your dog does not listen to you, do not scold him. Stay consistent in your requests, and do not give in until you get the “right answer.” If your dog shows signs of fatigue during an exercise, do not force him. Offer him another, yet more relaxed kind of activity before finishing. If he is quietly in his basket, do not force him out because you want to. He might be a little cranky. A healthy relationship is based on respect for one’s temperament and desires.

Communicating with your dog

Some masters do not interact with their dogs, and it is a shame because they ignore the crucial points. Gestural and verbal communication is essential because if it is based only on conflict, stress – then the future relationship will be damaged.

The dog does not understand human language, so you must pay attention to your gestures, attitudes, words, intonations, postures – because the dog records all the words, movements, etc. in his little brain and then make an association. So you have to behave and express yourself with caution to have a good relationship.

Understand your dog

A dog does not seek revenge. He never tries to harm. Some misunderstandings between a dog and its owner lead to abandonment. Always try to understand his behavior, and if you cannot, ask a professional dog or veterinary educator. With patience and a lot of love, we can solve the vast majority of difficulties.

Participate in competitions together

If you are competitive, involve your dog. There are various dog sports today that you can participate with your dog.

Give him food

Feeding your dog strengthens the bond between you two. The dog is the best friend of the man! Treat your diet by choosing the croquettes that will please him to the maximum. These are much more interesting than other power supplies, because the benefits are much more numerous.

Make every experience a positive moment

If your dog does not like to bathe, for example, use toys or treats to make this event as pleasant as possible.

Playing with him

Dogs love to play. Spending time with your dog to play with him strengthens your bonds.

Have confidence in him

You cannot have strong bonds if you do not trust your dog. Helping your dog to trust you is also essential. Stay calm and use positive education methods to train your dog.

Set strict rules

Dogs need rules to follow to know the limits that are imposed on them. Your standards must be respected and must not change according to your mood.

Travelling together

New adventures are a great way to get closer to any being. So, the next time you go on a trip, take your best friend with you.

Learn the language of your dog

Dogs may not speak, but they have their way of communicating. Knowing canine body language can dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

Trust him

Know that mutual trust is paramount to having a good and healthy relationship with your dog and that goes through two factors: time and communication. If you love your dog and want to make it as happy as possible, you must meet these two criteria without exception.

If your most cherished wish is to have a truly harmonious relationship with your dog, then learn to understand it, and for that, you must devote time to it. Be careful; the relationship does not work one way: of the kind you are the pack leader (master dominant) and him the dog who must obey the finger and the eye. This is not a relationship! We do not constantly threaten the dog to be understood.

The dog is a living being; you must be for him an accomplice. Do you see what I mean? I’m sure YES! This is how he will perceive you as a leader.

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