23 great dog names for movie lovers in 2020

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OK, if you’re not that person who named their dog after a movie character, then you certainly know someone like that!

We’ve scoured the upcoming movies for 2020 and created a list of the top dog names for film buffs! Check out our list below and let us know what you think.

Best Dog Names for Movie Lovers in 2020

  1. Spartacus – a homage to the passing of Kirk Douglas in February 2020 – would suit a larger dog like a Boxer or Alsatian. Y’know, handsome and buff like you’re not.
  2. Neo – 2020 will see the release of The Matrix 4 – over 20 years since the original was released. Will we see a resurgence in dogs called Neo?
  3. Dog – on the same day that The Matrix 4 comes along, so does John Wick 4 (personally I reckon that’s a marketing stunt and they’ll be the same film, but hey ho…). Maybe we’ll see some staffies responding to “dog” this year?
  4. Bill or Ted – oh, guess who’s back? Excellent! *air guitar*
  5. Keanu – obviously with two three killer films being released this year, the immortal Mr Reeves may serve as inspiration for pets across the world.
  6. Maverick – we’re really getting blessed with 80s / 90s films being remade this year. With Top Gun back on the big screen, I’ll bet we’ll see more Mavericks flying around the parks. I feel the need…the need for lead…
  7. Mulan – the live action remake of the Disney classic is bound to inspire some new dog owners.
  8. Prince – a bit of a curveball, but with the next Wonder Woman film coming this year, perhaps we’ll see more “Princes”. I’m not sure about “Diana” as a dog name though – it doesn’t feel quite right…what do you think?
  9. Sersi – the next leg of Marvel’s franchise kicks off with The Eternals. Sersi, is a great name if you haven’t already claimed Cersei from Game of Thrones!
  10. Harley – 2020 has already seen Margot Robbie bringing back DC’s Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey. I reckon Harley would work for some dogs and also Harlequin (or variant thereof).
  11. Bond – Daniel Craig is back this year as Bond, which is a great name for a dog and was a popular choice in previous years.
  12. Sonic – delayed from 2019, Sonic the Hedgehog is out this year and brings the familiar 90’s video game character to the big screen.
  13. Tattoo – Blumhouse Films has remade the 70’s TV show Fantasy Island – perhaps Roarke’s sidekick, Tattoo, would make a good name for a dog?
  14. Buck – Harrison Ford stars in Call of the Wild, featuring a St Bernard / Scotch Collie mix dog named Buck. Films with dogs in central roles always encourage people to name their own dogs after them, particularly if they are similar breeds. Buck may even take over from Beethoven as the most popular St Bernard name!
  15. Poppy – Anna Kendrick is starring in Trolls, as Queen Poppy in April – kids films often inspire new dog names.
  16. Scoobie / Shaggy – yes, there’s a new animated Scoobie Doo film on the way. We all wanted a Great Dane called Scooby at some point in our lives!
  17. Spongebob / Squidward – with the new Spongebob Squarepants movie coming out this summer, surely some fans will bless puppies with these names?
  18. Artemis – Kenneth Branagh and Judy Dench are starring in Artemis Fowl. Artemis is a strong name for a dog – it’s relatively unique and rolls off the tongue well!
  19. Gru – Minion fever is set to take over in the summer, so expect an invasion of doggy Grus shortly after!
  20. Morbius – a new Marvel anti-hero is due to be released this summer! Will he inspire Marvel fans to name their dogs after him? They’re spoiled for choice already!
  21. Kong – Godzilla is due to take on Kong in the next instalment of the MonsterVerse series. I’m not sure that Godzilla will be a popular dog name, but I can certainly see Kong working.
  22. Raya – Raya and the Last Dragon is an upcoming Disney animated feature that is sure to inspire some new dog names.
  23. Duke / Leto / Bene / Gurney / Feyd / Stilgar – it’s been several decades since the original Dune was released – this year will see the classic re-imagined just in time for Christmas. There are loads of great names in the Dune universe that would be suitable for dogs.

It’s interesting to think about which names “work” or don’t. Good dog names are usually one or two syllables (which make it easier to yell across the park when your pooch has run off!). It’s also nice to have a bit of logic behind the name – something unique – a story to tell. Perhaps that’s why so many people look at characters from movies for inspiration. Writers often choose memorable names for lead characters to help audiences identify with them.

Does your dog have a movie character’s name? What’s the story behind it? Let us know in the comments!

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