The Best Cat Bed Reviews

Your kitty will find many places to curl up and sleep, but they’ll always love their own comfy bed to snooze in!

A few tips for buying the best bed for your cat

OK, your cat has many “beds”…

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t love to curl up in an actual cat bed at the end of the day (and probably regularly throughout the day too!). Cats love the sense of security that comes with consistency and familiarity, so getting them their own bed can help them settle in your home.

Cats spend around 60% of their time asleep

It’s really important to find a good bed for your cats – it ensures they will get the most from their rest period, and it’s great for them to have a comfy bed to sleep in at night.

Cats can often prefer the security of a ‘den’

A good cat bed gives your feline friend somewhere safe and secure to sleep in. That’s great for younger cats to build trust, or acclimatising rescue cats to their new surroundings. 

Cat trees & activity centres are also good value

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right cat bed – why not consider an option that offers something more – like a scratching post or activity centre? These all-in-one units offer entertainment as well as a cost place to sleep!

The Best Cat Beds Compared

We’ve compared a selection of the best cat beds

Scratching Post Combo Luxury Igloo Cat Bed & Playroom Pet Tunnel

Trixie Baza Cat Scratching Post

Trixie Baza Cat Scratching Post

Price: ££ (check)

Great quality

Scratching post & hammock combo

Additional toy attached too

Review: Trixia Baza Scratching Post For Cats

The Trixie Baza Scratching Post For Cats is a luxurious product that allows your pet to scratch in style. If you want a product that is comfortable to sleep on but also serves the purpose of maintaining your felines claws the way they should be cared for, this is it.

This is a luxurious cream scratching post that will surely make your cat feel like he is a member of royalty. The base of the product is topped by two pillar scratching posts and finished off with a hammock for your pet to fully relax. It is not like any other scratching post on the market and is a heavenly product for all lazy felines out there. The base on this is wide and the pillars are thick which makes for a really safe and steady scratching post. Of course it has the usual benefit of keeping your cats claws in good condition too which is really important.

The Trixie Baza Scratching Post For Cats has a long haired plush cover, allowing your pet to make the most of the hammock feature on the product – the truth is, they probably won’t ever want to get off it! Also attached to the product, is a toy on a string for your cat to have hours of fun with. The scratching post themselves are coated in a sisal material, which is kind and nurturing to claws. The size of this item 40.6 x 50.8 x 40.6 cm and it weighs just over 44 kg for a sturdy finish.

Key Features

  • It looks more attractive than other scratching posts on the market and would have a prided place in any glamorous home. If your cat is a bit of a diva, this is the ideal item for them.
  • The The Trixie Baza Scratching Post For Cats is a really sturdy product and has got itself a positive reputation from customers around the world.
  • The hammock is really comfortable for cats, there is a toy to play with and the best quality materials are used on the scratching post itself to keep your pets claws in good condition.
  • This is ready for your cat to use within minutes of being set up. 

Why this cat bed is the best…

The Trixie Baza Scratching Post technically isn’t a cat bed. But, it does have a hammock which is perfect for napping and with the scratching posts, it’s a great purchase that cats will love.

Cat Igloo

Cat Igloo

Price: ££ (check)

Removable cushion for washing

Super soft and comfortable

Great for kittens and cats

Review: Luxury Cat Igloo

This cat igloo from Vertast is exactly that: luxury. Do you have a fussy pet that acts like a prince or a princess? Are they hard to please and only have a quick sniff of a new toy or bed before walking off and never looking at it? If you answered yes, you’ll love this.

The igloo is different to many cheap products on the market today. It’s made of comfortable materials for your pet, whilst staying within any price budget. The interior includes a super soft cushion that will help your pet feel like royalty. That is why this product is one of luxury.

One of the many fantastic things about this cat igloo is that the product is not limited to just one or two animals; it can be used by a huge range of small pets. Small dogs who need some extra shelter and warmth, cats who want a hideaway or somewhere to keep snug, indoor rabbits who need a cute rabbit hole to help keep them cosy and a range of other small animals will all benefit from this snug box! Please keep in mind that this entire product is soft, so cats and other pets who like to sit on the top of their toys and beds may squash it down from time to time. It’s OK though, it’s easy to pop open again.

Product Features

  • Incredibly warm and soft interior – a perfect spot for your pet
  • Private place
  • Fleece cushion – removable and reversible
  • Great for a range of small pets
  • Height 45cm / width 35cm / depth 25cm
  • Great for all homes

Why this cat bed is the best…

If you have a cat that you’re worried about keeping warm and feeling safe, this is a great product. Also, because it doesn’t have any attachments with small pieces or an electric supply, owners can leave their cats to sleep and play happily by themselves. It’s easy to fold up and take with you when you’re travelling with your cat, and it’s easy washable. A great buy!

SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

Price: ££ (check)

Cosy cat house

Combo playroom to keep your cat occupied

Strong materials

Review: SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

This soft bed for your kitty doubles as a fun play room; a must buy for all cat lovers out there! SmartCat Bootsie’s Bunk Bed Playroom is great!

We all know how important to it is to keep your cat happy, and the truth is that cats change their mind constantly. Do they want to play? Do they want to sleep? With SmartCat’s Bunk Bed and Playroom, you get the best of both worlds, resulting in a very happy kitty! They’ll play until they wear themselves out and then only have to plonk themselves down on the top of the playroom – perfect! What’s even better about this product is that it is so easy and quick to put together, even those who aren’t so good at DIY can assemble it in no time.

This lovely playroom and bunk bed comes in beige, so it will suit perfectly into any home. The pillow on the top is a red color, adding a little bit of a pop of fun to the play room and bunk bed. The product is well equipped with toys and holes for your cat to play by his or herself (guaranteed fun watching them!), or with the other kitties in your house. As well as fun, the unit is practical and has a scratching post – great for keeping cats claws down. Great for your home (less furniture being ripped to shreds) and great for helping your cat to feel good.

Product Features

  • Made from heavy duty wood – this play room and bunk bed will last for years – endless fun for you and your cat!
  • Extremely easy to assemble – no extra equipment or tools needed for assembly
  • Looks great in any home
  • Can be used by cats both young and old
  • Fun play room AND bed for an all-round content kitty
  • Toys included (attached to the play area)
  • Dimensions & Additional Information
  • 2kg in weight (shipping weight 4.5kg)
  • 28.6 x 50.8 x 26.7 cm

As you can see, this product is a great all round piece for your cat; it eliminates the need for multiple toys and beds dotted around the house, so is perfect for those of you who have a smaller space or do not want various toys scattered about, causing clutter in your home.

Why this cat playhouse is the best…

Cats love to play and sleep and they absolutely hate to be bored. That’s why the SmartCat Bootsie’s Bunk Bed and Playroom ticks all the boxes – you’ll never have a bored cat again. The attached toys make this product great for those who may not be able to actively play with their pets as much as they used to. It is also great for those who go out to work and need to leave something to keep their cats entertained in their absence. If you are a cat lover and care about the well-being and happiness of your cat, definitely check out this wonderful cat haven! You won’t be disappointed.

PAWZ Pet Tunnel

PAWZ Pet Tunnel

Price: £ (check)

Cosy cat tunnel

Great value

Machine washable

Review: PAWZ Pet Tunnel

What do cats love more than playing and eating? Sleeping! If you have a cat that loves to snooze the day away, you have to ensure their sleeping space is of high quality and provides them with comfort and security.

You may already own a tunnel for your cat and are wondering what makes the Pawz Road Pet Tunnel different. Most tunnels are made from thin materials that are not designed to last or be slept in. Whilst these are great for cats who love to play, they’re not suitable for when your cats need a breather. Here is where the Pawz tunnel is different. It’s made of soft fabrics, creating a safe place for cats to run wild and sleep in for hours on end. Due to the fabric, the Pawz tunnel can be put in the washing machine and left to dry, allowing you to get the product back to looking and feeling new. You won’t have to spend money on replacing new tunnels because the Pawz bed is made to last.

Pawz knows that your cat deserves the latest style and they want all of your cat accessories to look great in your home. That’s why the tunnels come in white or grey, each with a tartan design. What could be homelier and cosier than tartan?

Product Details

  • Great for a range of breeds of cat and small dogs
  • Fleece interior for a comfortable and warm pet
  • Machine washable
  • Good for play and rest
  • Outer material is denim – good for cats who want something to scratch – keeping them off your furniture
  • Easy to change to just a bed (instead of a tunnel) – just push the top part down

If you’re looking for a cute pet tunnel that can double up as a comfortable bed, look no further and go for this one.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

This tunnel isn’t just suitable for your cat or dog, you’ll also benefit from it! Cats (and dogs) need a lot of entertainment and owners could create a strong bond with their cat with this product. Use a dangly cat toy for hours of fun. Wait until your kitty is inside the tunnel, dangle the toy outside and you’ll have a lot of laughs watching your feline friends chase the toy. This not only provides fun for you and your pet, it also helps your pets to get some good exercise; this is great for those of you who have indoor pets.

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  1. Can anyone help? I’m having an absolute nightmare getting my cat to actually sleep in their bed!

    She’ll sleep anywhere else – on the kitchen table, on top of the cupboards or even on my feet. But not her new bed! Any tips for encouraging her to use the bed?

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by!

      As with most pets, bribery can work! Lure your cat into its new bed with treats and praise her when she gets in. Where you place the bed can be important too – cats like warm areas, away from noise and with some natural light. Try a few different spots around the house to place the bed – perhaps something close to where she used to sleep?

      Let us know how you get on!

  2. I bought the Petnap heated tunnel for my little Onyx and he loves it and it stops him lying on top of the radiator. It’s safe to leave on overnight for him and the heating pad can be removed from the bed to allow you to wash it. A great purchase!

  3. I have two cats and bought the SmartCat playhouse for them. I thought that one could play inside while the other was on the roof, but most of the time they both squeeze into the main bit. It has been a fantastic purchase and has lasted over 2 years now! But don’t expect to get your cat out of the house very easily. It’s like drawing blood from a stone!

    Highly recommend it!

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