People often consider cats to be independent animals, but their well-being is defined by their relationship with you. These articles look at ways you can get the most from your relationship with your cat.

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Advice on how to care for your cat.

Tips for Cat Owners

Cats can often be considered to be fiercely independent animals, requiring very little care from their pet humans. But this isn’t entirely the case – looking after a cat comes with a great deal of responsibility. These articles look at the ins and outs of cat ownership.

Your Cat’s Health

It’s important that you fully understand how to care for your cat. Everything from the food you feed them to the environment they live in can affect their health and well-being. These articles look at the health aspect of cat ownership.

Cat Behaviour & Training

Let’s face it. Your cat is never going to sit on command, so don’t expect any miracles on that front. However, it is possible to better understand your cat’s behaviours and condition them to adopt more positive habits.

Choosing the Best Toys for your Cat

Yes, you’ll likely be playing with the toys as much as your cat! So it’s important that you research the different options that are out there. That way both you and your feline friend will enjoy your new cat toys together.