The Best Cat Tunnel Reviews

We’ve reviewed the best cat tunnels available in the UK – you’ll find something to suit every cat (and budget!)

Tips for choosing the best cat tunnel

The best cat tunnels allow your cat to play, hide and sleep in a safe place

Many cats are timid and others may find themselves exploring dank and dirty cubbyholes, so providing them with a cost and secure place to call their own in your home is a great move. We’ve reviewed the best cat tunnels available in the UK right now – check out the comparisons below.

Remember, cats love to explore, so most will love their new play tunnel

Cats also enjoy exploring the world around them – in particular, small and confined spaces (there’s a reason cats love boxes!). However, younger or more timid cats might not be quite ready to adventure outdoors quite yet. These cat tunnels are a great way to keep them excited and curious about their environment in a safe way.

Cat tunnels are a great place for a snooze, too!

Let’s face it. If you spent all day exploring an exciting new playground, you’d be tired too! Unfortunately we can’t just curl up and go to sleep where we fancy, but our cats certainly can!

There are lots of different shapes and sizes of tunnel

You can decide which is best for your cat. Maybe a small tunnel with an attached cat house is best, or if you have a few cats, then a larger tunnel with lots of nooks and crannies to explore would be better. If your house cat is a bit unsure about playing in the garden, then consider an outdoor tunnel and cat house which will let them safely play outside.

But why do cat loves tunnels?

Cats love playing in cat tunnels because the small, confined tunnel gives them a safe space to enjoy and take a nap in. This comes from a cat’s natural instinct to find small spaces to hide in and stalk their prey – they’re covered at most sides, with only the area in front of them open, allowing them to see what’s coming and pounce!

The Best Cat Tunnels Compared

We’ve compared a selection of the best cat play tunnels available in the UK right now.

Plush Cat Tunnel 3 Way Cat Play Tunnel Leopard Skin Tunnel Cardboard Cat Tunnel Outdoor Cat Tunnel

Trixie Plush Cat Play Tunnel

Trixie Plush Play Tunnel

Price: ££ (check)

Great quality

Plush material

Super soft

1. The Trixie Plush Play Tunnel

The Trixie Plush Play Tunnel comes from the brand Trixie and it is a toy tunnel designed to help keep cats relaxed and entertained for hours.

It’s been designed specifically for cats – it’s a small enough space to allow them to feel like they are exploring, but big enough and soft enough that they won’t get stuck (or be able to hide in there forever!). It has three entrances (one at each end and one in the middle), so it’s good for one or multiple cats at the same time (they’ll have fun chasing each other through it – or playing with their toys).

The plush design is soft and gentle on your cats – they’ll love playing in it as much as they love curling up and snoozing! The beige colour is relatively neutral and should fit well in most homes.

Key Features

  • The design is superior in quality, and ensures that the unit can be made to last for a long time. It comes in beige colour.
  • There is rustling foil that encourages pets to play.
  • It is 125 cm long and is 25 cm in diameter.
  • The cover is chic, cosy and soft, and can offer enough space to your cat to enjoy a relaxing time.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

The Trixie Plush Play Tunnel is one of the best play tunnels on the market. Its relatively low cost and soft design mean it’s a favourite with many cats and their owners alike. The plush fabric is a bonus as it lets your feline friends play safely and go for a nap when they tire themselves out. Highly recommended!

CuleedTec Cat Tunnel

CuleedTec Cat Tunnel

Price: ££ (check)

3-way cat tunnel

Easy clean polyester material

Great value

2. CuleedTec Collapsible 3-Way Tunnel

This Collapsible 3 Way Cat Play Tunnel comes from the brand CuleedTec and is a fantastic play tunnel for your cats.

This tunnel has three “tubes” and a total of four entrances (one in the middle too), so it’s a good sized space for a single cat and plenty for several cats to enjoy together. The polyester material is tougher than plush alternatives and although it isn’t as soft, it’s safe for cats to use and will be less prone to tears. This is potentially a better choice for more active cats that are likely to start scratching at it on day one!

The tunnel is collapsible which means you can pack it away when it’s not in use.

Product Features

  • The material will need less maintenance and cleaning than plush alternatives.
  • It has a durable design, and can last for a long time despite being used by your cat every day. This is a strong and flexible toy, and can manage handling by even the most aggressive cats.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

This is great for people who own more than one cat as they’ll be able to dart in and out of the tunnels and play together. The more robust material can be wiped clean and it all comes in at a very reasonable price.

Flamingo Leopard Cat Tunnel

Flamingo Leopard Cat Tunnel

Price: ££ (check)

Chic leopard skin design

Multiple holes for your cats

Easy clean fabric

3. Flamingo Leopard Cat Tunnel

The Flamingo Leopard Cat Tunnel is perfect for small cats and comes in a wonderful leopard skin plush material.

The cat tunnel has a diameter of 25 cm, and is 90 cm long. The product is a nice option for cats, and has been designed exclusively for kittens. However, small puppies and even guinea pigs can be kept safely in them to enjoy a comfortable time. The tunnel can be folded with ease, and stored even in compact spaces.

It’s a single tunnel, but has two additional openings on the top which means there’s plenty of holes for your cats to sneak in and out of, and they can be tempted in with an attached stuffed ball that hangs from the end.

Product Features

  • It is strong in build and has a sharp appearance. It comes in wonderful condition, and cats love to play with the toy for many hours.
  • It is solid in design and shape, and does not become flat unlike many other toy tunnels that are designed for cats. Cats love to sit and play in it.
  • The toy comes at an inexpensive price and can be a fantastic option for pet owners looking for an affordable way to keep their kittens engaged and entertained for many hours.

As you can see, this product is a great all round piece for your cat; it eliminates the need for multiple toys and beds dotted around the house, so is perfect for those of you who have a smaller space or do not want various toys scattered about, causing clutter in your home.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

All in all, the Leopard Cat Tunnel from Flamingo can be a great choice for any pet owner who keeps busy and wants his pet to stay engaged by itself with a toy such as this one. The strong build ensures that the tunnel can last for a long time. The aesthetic and fetching leopard print design can make the toy connect instantly with your pet cat. The fact that it is affordable makes it more value for money.

Cardboard Cat Tunnel

Price: ££ (check)

Tunnel / Cat House Combo

100% Recycled Cardboard

Lots of fun!

4. Cardboard Cat Tunnel

The Cardboard Cat House & Tunnel is a great gift for any cat – as we all know – cats love playing in cardboard boxes! This House & Tunnel comes with two houses and one connecting tunnel and is suitable for cats of all ages.

This is a slightly sturdier cat tunnel / playhouse combo and there’s space for two cats to play in (or curl up and sleep in). In total it has eight play holes for your cats to dart in and out of, making it a more interesting alternative to a standard cat tunnel.

The tunnel is constructed out of double walled, 100% recycled cardboard.

Product Details

  • Cat simply love exploring the different areas and darting in and out of the tunnel.
  • The unit has a smart and aesthetic design, which keeps pets engaged and interested for many days. They do not quickly tire of it, unlike conventional cloth or plastic tunnels that can easily be found in the market today.
  • Other than entertaining your pets, it can give them enough exercise for a long time. Even if you are unable to take your kittens out due to rain or unpleasant weather, you can be assured that they will get good workout for the day.
  • When your pet is not using it, you can easily disassemble the unit into various sections. It can be assembled very easily, which makes it a great option for pet owners.
  • It can fit well together and does not bend due to its sturdy cardboard construction. Your pet can sit on top of the cubes and you never have to worry about it falling inside.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

Despite the slightly higher cost, this toy tunnel deserves to be picked up because it ticks many of the boxes right. You can have your pet cats entertained and comfortable for many hours. There are no worries of any safety issues, as the product is strong in build and can be secure for your beloved pet cat.

Gear Kitty Cat Play House

Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House & Tunnel

Price: ££ (check)

Outdoor playhouse and tunnel

Great quality

Easy to set up

5. Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House & Tunnel

Are you wondering what could be the perfect gift toy for your cats? Relax! The Gear Kitty Cat Play House is a zipped outdoor containment to give your cats all-day fun with a gasp of fresh air.

This happy-area is suitable for a deck, large patio, or even your backyard ensuring you monitor your cats as they play while reducing the risks involved. The Gear Kitty would also make a perfect play area for cats whose pet parents have extra rooms, basement or garage. With the Play House, your cats will be running in and out all day as it’s a perfect sunbath for them and a great play area.

The Play House is easy to set up and disassemble. It brings all the ease as you just have to open and pull the supporting cords while shaking it.This might take you a minute or two and you won’t need an extra person.

A detailed set of instructions is attached to the Gear Kitty’ label. This makes it accessible to all users as you’ll be able to easily follow the instructions before set-up. The tunnel is easy to set up and collapse. However, it’s advisable that you keenly note how it was tied before opening-up as it will have to be tied the same way when storing it.

Product Details

  • The Gear Kitty tunnel has zipped doors to ensure maximum safety for your cats.
  • Easy pop-up and collapse, thus special tools needed.
  • A detailed set of instructions is provided.
  • Plastic stakes are provided for tightening it on the ground.
  • Has strong supports.
  • Both packages are lightweight and the carrier bags have handles for ease of storage.

Why this cat tunnel is the best…

The Gear Kitty Cat Play House is the perfect outdoor entertainment for your cats that takes your pet’s safety into consideration while giving them a luxurious play-time. Trust me, your lovely cats will run in and out of the Play House all day!

Let’s chat about cat play tunnels

If you have a question, then let us know!

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  1. My cats love their play tunnel! They spend all day either lounging around in it or chasing each other. Pound for pound it’s probably one of the best value items I’ve ever purchased! 🙂

  2. I’ve had mixed results with cat tunnels. I’ve found that the cheaper ones are harder to get my cat to use as the cheaper material makes a crinkling noise that he doesn’t like. I’d recommend looking at the plush tunnels as they’re softer and cats prefer them to sleep in.

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