The Best Cat Play Tunnel Reviews

A safe space for your cat to explore

Your cats love nothing else than to explore small spaces and with these cat tunnels they can do so in safe environment. Check out these latest reviews and let us know what your cat thinks of the tunnels in the comments section.

Cat Tunnels

Cat tunnels are a great place for your cat to explore

You know how often your cat finds itself in small places! Your new cat tunnel creates a great place for them to explore safely.

Cat tunnels also make a great place to have a snooze

We like to think our cats are up to all sorts of interesting things when they are exploring, but most of the time they’re just hunting down a nice place to sleep.

Cat tunnels come in a variety of different shapes and sizes

Ranging from tunnel beds which are cosy places to sleep, to outdoor play tunnels which are great for house cats that might not explore outdoors often.

A Quick Comparison of Cat Tunnels

These are our top 3 cat tunnels for you and your cat to explore!

Me & My Igloo

Best for sleeping. At under £10 this is great value and also is a cost little place for your cat to sleep.

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Flamingo Cat Tunnel

Flamingo Play Tunnel

Best for design. While this leopard skin print style may not be for everyone, it is certainly striking and and unique!

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Trixie Plush Play Tunnel

Trixie Plush Play Tunnel

Best for comfort. This is a great tunnel for your cats who will love to curl up and sleep in it.

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Kitten with Laser Toy

ARTICLE: Are laser toys bad for cats?

Your cats love to play and when they’re not off exploring the world or their new cat tunnels, a fun activity for you and them is to play with laser toys. But are they safe to play with? This article explores the topic in more detail.


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  1. I’ve had mixed results with cat tunnels. I’ve found that the cheaper ones are harder to get my cat to use as the cheaper material makes a crinkling noise that he doesn’t like. I’d recommend looking at the plush tunnels as they’re softer and cats prefer them to sleep in.

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