The Best Cat Carrier Reviews

Safely transport your cat with these great carriers

Do you really need a cat carrier?

It might not seem like you plan to travel far with your cat but even if you’re not planning to go across the country with them, you still might need to take them on short trips. Vets for example, don’t people bringing cats to their surgery without the use of a carrier (a room full of pets running around isn’t a great working environment!). So, having a good cat carrier available for when you need it is advisable.

Be sure to check the requirements if you plan to take your cat on an airline

Many airlines allow cats and other pets to travel with their owners, but as with carry-on luggage many flights have restrictions in terms of how big your carrier can be. Generally, the carrier should fit comfortable under the seat in front of you while the plane is taking off or landing, but you may be allowed to sit it on an empty seat during the flight (if there is one).

Several of the cat carriers we’ve looked at here are airline approved.

Should you choose a soft carrier or a hard carrier?

It can be a difficult choice and it’s really down to how comfortable your cat is travelling.

Soft cat carriers can be easier to carry and store, but cats who get anxious travelling may damage them too much. So in that situation, it could be better to opt for a hard cat carrier.


The Best Cat Carrier Reviews

Remember, cats prefer smaller spaces

It can be tempting to go for a larger carrier to give your cat more space, but remember cats prefer to be more confined so its possible that they will feel more secure in a small, cosy carrier. If your cat doesn’t travel well, consider a small cat carrier, with most or all of the sides covered to calm them down.

Get your cat to use the carrier through bribery

Cats like to be comfortable, so if they’re not taking to the new carrier very well then make it more appealing to them. A small blanket, treats or toys will all help your cat take to its temporary home.

The Best Cat Carriers Compared

Ensure your feline friend is safe and secure when you travel with them with these great cat carriers

Fabric Cat Carrier Airline Approved Cat Carrier Sturdy Cat Carrier Foldable Cat Carrier Cat Carrier Crate

Petsfit Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier

Petsfit Fabric Cat Carrier

Price: ££ (check)

Mesh panels

Reversible mat


1. Petsfit Fabric Cat Carrier

As a cat owner, a carrier isn’t the most exciting item but it is an essential one that you need to have. It allows you to take your cat to the vet or for other trips you need to go on. A good cat carrier will keep your cat secure and safe, and will last many years.

The Petsfit Pet Carrier comes in a range of colours including rose, red, coffee and blue so you can choose which you prefer. It has netting on the sides and top to provide maximum ventilation for your cat.

  • It is 50cm x 29cm x 31cm which comfortably fits even larger cats.
  • It has three pockets for you to store cat toys or other items in and the base is a reversible mat with a warming fleece on one side, and a cooling mat on the other.
  • The puller on the carrier is lockable, which helps prevent your cat opening the zipper and getting out!
  • Two steel frames are built into this item, which helps prevent it getting bent out of shape between uses.
  • The smaller version of this is suitable for air travel, but the larger version is not. Be sure to check before you buy!
  • The mesh walls are great – your cat won’t feel as enclosed and can still check out what’s going on around them.

Why this fabric cat carrier harness is the best…

The Petsfit Fabric Cat Carrier is an affordable and well made cat carrier. It’s great for cats that are comfortable will travel, so the mesh panels give them a bit more visibility. If you are likely to be taking your cat on longer trips, the reversible mat ensures you can keep your cat either warm or cool as needed.

6 in 1 Airline Approved Cat Carrier

6 in 1 Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Price: ££ (check)

6 different carry positions

Airline approved

Strong construction

2. 6 in 1 Airline Approved Cat Carrier

If you haven’t treated your pet to the comfort and luxury of this 6-in-1 cat carrier, then here is an opportunity to show your pet that you truly care while meeting the requirements of your airline. A good cat carrier should be built for comfort, be easy to carry and needs to be leak-proof.

To begin with, this is a truly versatile cat carrier, with 6 carrying positions. These positions will enhance comfort and provide you with the options that you need to travel with your cat. Positions include: front pack carrier, from the back, shoulder, or even with a hand bag carrier.

  • The carrier is sturdy – it has to be as the different carrying positions means your cat needs to be protected regardless of how you carry it. The base of the carrier is solid and the outer fabric is strong, but breathable ensuring your cat’s comfort throughout your journey.
  • It has a zipper security lock as well as seat belt loops that would provide enhanced safety of your pet during your flights. The security locks ensure that the zipper doesn’t accidentally come open.
  • It is built with a wide range of pets in mind as it is more spacious than most pet carriers you can find in the market today. Despite the fact that this pet carrier being spacious, it is built with incredible flexibility. You can effortlessly slide it under any aeroplane seat and still leave some space where your pet can travel in comfort.
  • It comes with a photo ID tag that allows you and your pet to be easily identified as well as reflective straps designed for hiking, night travel and when offloading from a car.

Why this cat carrier is the best…

This is a great choice for people who travel on airlines with their pets. It’s such a versatile carrying case for your cat, that it can suit most situations. It complies with airline regulations that insist your cat has enough space to move around when it’s in the carrier, and it fits under most airline seats.

Curver Cat Carrier

Curver Rattan Cat Carrier

Price: ££ (check)

Top loading

Carrying handle

Sturdy material

3. Curver Rattan Pet Carrier

The Curver Rattan Pet Carrier is a much sturdier carrier than the others we’ve looked at here. It’s clearly designed for people who want the best travel experience for their cats.

The carrier is made from a robust plastic product, which means it can sit comfortably in a more crowded car or other means of transport without the risk of boxes or luggage sliding about and squashing the carrier (and its occupant!). The plastic material also means it’s really easy to wipe clean and it will last much longer than fabric alternatives. This is certainly a higher quality product compared to alternatives, which means is somewhat more expensive, but still affordable and great value considering it will last you a long time.

With a top flap to more easily place your cat into your carrier and ventilation holes keeps your pet cool. You can even feed or pet them without removing them from the carrier by using the top lid. 

It’s also very easy to carry – while it doesn’t have the range of options of some other carriers, the simple carrying handle is ample to take the carrier and your cat to the car or short trips.

Why this cat carrier is the best…

The Curver Rattan Cat Carrier is one of the best quality cat carriers on the market just now. It’s well-made, strong, sturdy and does the job nicely. While it comes in at a higher price than the others, it’s still very affordable.

Petsfit Foldable Cat Carrier

Petsfit Foldable Cat Carrier

Price: ££ (check)


Removable fleece mat

Side pockets

4. Petsfit Foldable Cat Carrier

This foldable cat carrier is great for cat owners who might be taking their pets on a longer trip. The sides of the carrier expand into little half domes to give your cat a bit more space to move around, without the need to let them out. It’s like a little tent for your pet!

Cat carriers can often be very confining for your feline friends, so it’s great to see innovative designs like this which help address that problem. It’s not always appropriate or even safe to let your cat out during a long journey on a train or plane for example, but with this carrier your cat can stretch its legs a little bit.

While the product isn’t as sturdy as other plastic carriers, the flexible construction does mean that when not in use, the whole carrier can squash down to easily be stored in a small space. The more flexible design means that the carrier will fit under most airline seats, so if you’re flying with your cat this is a great choice.

It has several pockets you can use to store cat toys or other items and the padded fleece mat can be removed to be cleaned.

Why this cat carrier is the best…

The Petsfit Foldable Cat Carrier is a wonderfully innovative design that combines strength and security, with a comfortable and flexible product. The design will enable you to take your cat safely on longer trips and help keep them comfortable along the way. It’s a tad more expensive than other cat carriers, but that has to be expected due to the more complex construction. Overall a great cat carrier that will last you and your cat for years to come.

Mool Fabric Cat Carrier Crate

Mool Fabric Cat Carrier Crate

Price: ££ (check)

Reversible base

Choice of different colours

Good all-round carrier

5. Mool Fabric Cat Carrier Crate

The Mool Fabric Cat Carrier Crate is a good, all-round cat carrier. Its fabric design means it’s flexible and lighter to carry, and importantly, comfortable for your cat to travel in. It comes in three different sizes and a range of different colours, so you’ll find a version that suits you easily enough.

It has a reversible mat for the bottom of the crate. One side has a warming fleece which will keep your cat warm in colder conditions. The other has a cooling polyester which is designed to keep your cat cool when it’s warmer. It’s likely your cat will be more comfortable than you!

Each side of the crate has a mesh panel so your cat can still see what’s going on around them, and each of the panels can be opened up let you pet them or to let them out when they’re ready. There’s also a handy pouch attachment that can be used to store toys and treats, and this can be detached and carried separately, or attached to various areas of the crate.

Like other fabric cat carriers, this one can easily fold flat when not in use so you can store it when you get to your destination. The frame of the crate is made from steel, so although the carrier is comfortable, it’s also very sturdy.

Why this cat carrier is the best…

This is by far one of the most popular cat carriers on the market just now. It’s functional and comes in at a very reasonable price. It’s a carrier that offers both comfort and protection for your cat – highly recommended!

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