The Best Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are a great way to keep your cats entertained and stop them scratching your furniture.

Tips for buying a new cat scratching post

The best cat scratching posts help protect your furniture!

Cats scratch things. That’s what they do. They do it on a normal day and they do it when they’re stressed. It’s difficult to change that behaviour, but you can direct it towards a good scratching post and away from your furniture!

The are different types of scratching post

A standard cat scratching post is a simple post fixed to a base, but you can also consider barrels which are part tunnel / part bed / part scratching posts. And for prolific scratchers, consider a cat scratching board with catnip to keep your feline friend focused on the toy and not your home!

Cats scratch things for different reasons

From stretching, to honing their claws, to marking their territory – all cats will scratch things. Buying a scratching post for them helps satisfy the different needs they have and lets them do it in a way that isn’t going to hurt them.

Don’t worry if they don’t take to it right away

Cats can take time to get used to new things. They can be timid creatures, but they’re also curious and will eventually explore any new toys in their territory. Give them time and gentle encouragement to use their new scratching post.

The Best Cat Scratching Posts Compared

We’ve compared a selection of the best cat scratching posts

Wall Mounted Scratching Post Standard Scratching Post Cat Scratching Barrel Budget Cat Scratching Post 3-Sided Scratching Board

Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Price: ££ (check)

Sturdier than standalone posts

Good quality material


Review: Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post

Well, let’s face the facts, your adorable cats can be destructive at times! Right? This wall mounted cat scratching post is what you need to bring all furniture-scratching to a halt, it’s made of sisal and resembles a tree trunk, thus your cats will grip onto it all day.

This scratching post is 1 metre in length, making it a perfect climbing post for your cats. This will solely help ensure your cats won’t climb on the seats and other furniture as their play-time is kept at heart. The post is eye pleasing when mounted on your living room wall, high quality, durable and vertically aligned with the perfect height as cats mostly like scratching vertically.

A slightly more expensive item, it’s very high quality and durable which means it will last for years.

As it fixes to your wall you don’t need to worry about heavier or more energetic cats tipping over the post – they can either scratch at it or climb on it to their heart’s delight!

Ideally you should mount it somewhere your cats are already scratching, but you can tempt them to it easily enough.

Key Features

  • It’s 1 Metre tall. The wall mounted scratching post features the perfect length for your cats’ climbing and playing area. It also allows the combination of another 1 Metre long Post to make a 2 Metre post in case you need a taller climbing area.
  • It features an 11cm diameter and a 40cm circumference with an added area for the ropes and brackets. This is essential for your cats’ fun time as the will jovially play and climb up and down.
  • The scratching post consists a 6mm sisal rope. The sisal acts a great grip on the cats’ claws as it matches a tree trunk and requires no staples or glue when attached, thus, it eases on rope movement while reducing damage on the claws.
  • The post has 2 strong UPVC brackets on both ends. The brackets are used to mount it vertically on the wall while giving a stronger grip.
  • It comes with an 8mm hand-spanner, non-toxic glue, 2 mounting caps, and a detailed set of instructions.

Why this cat scratching post is the best…

The wall mounted cat scratching post is designed to stand up the cats claws! You’ll not have to deal with furniture damage anymore with this solid and high-quality product. Great choice if your cats have a tendency to knock over standalone scratching posts!

Kerbl Cat Scratching Post

Kerbl Cat Scratching Post

Price: ££ (check)

Standard scratching post design



Review: Kerbl Cat Scratching Post

While cats are cuddly and we love being around them, we should not forget that they were once wild animals and that nature is still in them. And this is where the Kerbl cat scratching post comes in. It helps them to express their wild side without having to destroy your furniture.

The Kerbl cat scratching post is fully covered by sisal. The sisal is glued onto the post so that it doesn’t come off from the scratching. The sisal string material is soft enough so that the paws are not stuck in the sisal but strong and durable so that it doesn’t wear off after being scratched for long. It has been known to last more than a year being scratched and not having to start wearing off.

Standing at a height of 78cm, it makes it possible for even big cats to be able to play with it. You might be thinking that with such a height it might topple over. Well this is not the case. The base is actually 38 X 38 cm. This gives it a sturdy weigh thus ensuring you that it can support any cat weight. It actually works for the big cat as the force is exerted downwards keeping it in position.

The main feature of the post is that all your furniture is protected. This post offers the distraction needed for your cats. The design itself is an allure that makes it hard for them to be attracted to anything else. With its height, it can compete with the walls for the cat’s attention. The toughness of the sisal turns them away from the furniture. And they will not be interrupted by their human owners when they are having fun.

The post also comes with a ball. The ball is tied from the top so that it is in a hanging position. This allows the cat to take a break from the scratching and concentrate on the ball. For which after it can go back to scratching. The string that holds the ball is a bit elastic so it might not hold for long. But that is not a deterrent as the lack of the ball will still make the cat go back to the post.

The package is shipped in a certified frustration-free packaging. This means that when you get it, you will not face any problems when removing the package. And yes it will need a bit of putting together as the parts are separate. But do not worry as there is a manual book on how to do it. If anything, it’s only the sisal rope covered portions that are separate and only need to be screwed in together.

Product Features

  • The sisal is a comfortable fabric and comes in a natural construction.
  • Very affordable price.
  • It features a ball for the cat to play with.
  • It does not wobble when the cat is playing with it.

Why this cat scratching post is the best…

The Kerbl Cat Scratching Post is a pretty solid mid-range product. It’s priced at the lower end, and is an all-round standard scratching post. A great choice if you’re undecided about the other more complex options available.

Diogenes Cat Scratching Barrel

Diogenes Cat Scratching Barrel

Price: ££ (check)

Scratching post and cat bed in one

Several dens for your cats to play in

Each den has an attached ball toy

Review: Cat Scratching Barrel

Cat scratching barrels are a great alternative to traditional scratching posts. They are more robust (so they won’t tip over if your feline friend is a little on the rotund side!) and they provide nooks and crannies for your cats to play in (and have a snooze afterwards).

This cat scratching barrel from Diogenes is a slightly pricier product, but comes with three dens for your cats to play in, each with it’s own attached ball.

The barrel itself is fully covered in sisal which means your cats can scratch away at it with no risk to their claws and the material will last more than few sessions.

The top of the barrel has a plush cat bed on it and we all know how cats love to perch on high places to survey their kingdom! There’s also a lower den area with a fabric bed for when your cat wants to snuggle up somewhere more private for a snooze. Your cats can sneak about from the lower to the mid area via the internal passage.

Product Features

  • Three dens for your cats to play in.
  • Two bed areas.
  • Three ball attachments for them to play with.
  • The product is 100cm high.

Why this cat barrel is the best…

The cat scratching barrel from Diogenes is more expensive than other scratching posts, but is a good combo product as it also acts as a bed for your cats. This could be great for people with limited space that want both the bed and scratching post in one. Diogenes is a fantastic brand so you are assured of a high quality product.

Budget Cat Scratching Post

Budget Cat Scratching Post

Price: ££ (check)

Great price

Basic, but does exactly what you need it too

Sturdy construction

Review: Budget Cat Scratching Post

If you are looking for a great budget scratching post, the Me & My Cat Scratching Post helps replenish your feline’s paws and has all the other features necessary for a happy cat and owner. Carry on reading to discover more about this product so that you can decide if it is right for you.

This product is beige in colour and the full scratching post is 69 cm tall. The post diameter is 9 cm. This is fairly large and should be ideal for smaller and bigger cats. Your pet can scratch this item to their heart’s content and can also sit on the high but sturdy platform and watch the world go by. High quality material is used in this scratching post and it’s also really soft and comfortable for your cat to use.

The Me & My Large Cat Scratching Post is lined with sisal, which means your cat can replenish their claws on the post, preventing possible problems that might need attention further down the line. The platform is a very comfortable one to sit on and it’s also very sturdy, so even the largest of cats are not likely to fall off. The base of the item is 40cm x 40cm, while the platform is 37 cm x 37 cm.

Product Details

  • Comfortable and safe materials are used on all areas of this scratching post, so you can be rest assured that your pet is fine to use it unsupervised. The post itself is great to scratch and will substantially help the claws of your feline.
  • The scratching post is affordable for all budgets. 
  • Really easy to assemble and ready for your pet to use in minutes.

Why this cat scratching post is the best…

If you’re looking for a solid, budget scratching post then this is for you. It’s the lowest priced of the posts we’ve looked at here, so won’t break the bank and your cat will get hours of enjoyment from it.

3-Side Cat Scratching Board

3-Side Cat Scratching Board

Price: ££ (check)

Sturdy even against the strongest cats!

Catnip to encourage use

Great price

Review: 3-Sided Cat Scratching Post

The Petfusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratching Post is built as a vertical scratcher and a play area for your picky feline friends. Cats are creatures of comfort, and they certainly know what’s best for them. All cat parents are aware that they bore easily, especially if something does not live up their standards. Sometimes it can be tricky to get something that they will be satisfied with, however, there is no need to worry anymore.

Not only is it a scratching post for your furry companion to keep their claws healthy, it also serves as a play and lounge area to ensure they are always busy doing whatever business a cat is supposed to be up to.

This is made for owners who want to ensure that their furniture and other scratchable necessities are kept away from their sharp claws. Once they find that this is way better than your couch, they will never look back.

The product also includes a premium US made catnip to help your cat get trained out of scratching everything in your home that is a no-no. They will certainly get used to this product in no time, especially if it means catnip.

It is stylishly made so that it will look beautiful and natural in your home and you know who else likes something pretty? Yes, of course, your cat. You don’t have to worry as well as the scratcher is eco-friendly, so no toxic materials are there to make your pet sick and another good news is that this product is recyclable. So when the time comes that you would need to retire it, you can be assured that you are helping the environment at the same time.

Product Details

  • A nice vertical design that easily attracts cats with no assembly required
  • Made with eco-friendly materials and uses non-toxic cornstarch glue
  • The cardboard is recyclable
  • Curves are made to ensure easier scratching and comfortable lounging or play areas for your cats
  • Cardboard has a dense and durable construction to make it last longer than other scratchers available in the market
  • Won as the #1 Best New Product in Cat Fancy Magazine’s 2014 Editor’s Choice Award
  • You can rotate it 3x for multiple uses
  • Has silicone floor grippers to keep the item in place and also has a premium US catnip to help train your cat

Why this cat scratching board is the best…

So this is a great, sturdy scratching post for your cat. It’s mid-range price is great for most budgets and it’s really good for cats that are “problem scratchers”. The catnip will attract them and unless you’ve got a pet Bengal tiger, your cat isn’t going to destroy this any time soon!

Need to ask something about cat scratching posts?

Any questions, ask the community below!

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