The Best Cat Scratching Post Reviews

Better this than your sofa, right?

You definitely need something to distract your cat from your furniture! Check out these cat scratching post reviews – they might just do the job!

Cat Scratching Posts

Cats scratch to stretch the muscles in their bodies

It’s important that they do this, and they particularly enjoy stretching close to where they sleep and wake up. Scratching posts are ideal for this!

Encourage your cat to use the scratching post

You can play with your cat near the scratching post to encourage it to use it. If your cat doesn’t take to the post right away, spend a bit of time coaxing them to play with it.

Give your cat time to get used to their scratching post

Cats can easily become spooked by new objects around their habitat, so don’t expect them to take to their new scratching post right away.

A Quick Comparison of Cat Scratching Posts

There are lots of different scratching posts available - we've selected a handful that we recommend

Me & My Large Beige Sisal Cat Scratching Post & Platform

Me & My Scratching Post

Best for price. This is a great and low cost scratching post that your cats will love!

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Cat Scratching Barrel

Cat Scratching Barrel

Best for friends. If you have more than one kitty and want a bed for them too, this is the perfect combination of scratching post and cat house.

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PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post

PetFusion 3-Sided Scratching Pad

Best for stretching. This sturdy scratching pad is great for cats who really love to get their claws out.

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    1. Hi John.

      Yes, the scratching posts are pretty solid. The central columns are secured to a flat base, making them much less likely to topple. Obviously some cats will be more prone to trying to knock it over than others though!

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