The Best Cat Activity Trees

We’ve covered the best climbing towers, cat scratching trees and activity centres for your cat. Check them out below.

Some tips before you choose a cat tree

Cat activity trees are a great place for cats to play and to sleep

You know as well as we do that cats love to sleep in high places. So why not treat them to a new cat tree so they can sleep comfortably? It’s a perfect environment for an active cat as it has all the things they love – high places, soft surroundings and enclosed spaces to nap in.

Larger cat trees can be expensive, but worth the cost

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. A more expensive, ceiling high cat tree will be used by your cat for many years to come, so it’s a great investment. It also keeps your cat focused on a particular area of your home, rather than in and out of every small space they can find!

Styles and materials used to make cat trees suit all homes

You won’t have to look hard to find a cat tree that your cat loves and also matches your home decor. Everyone’s happy! Most cat activity centres, trees and scratching posts come in a variety of colours and fabrics – check with the supplier to see what options they have before you buy.

Larger cat activity centres and trees can be used by multiple cats

Cat trees are one of the few products that actually suit more than one cat, so don’t worry if your cat isn’t alone – he or she can bring her friends along too! Most of the larger activity centres are designed for multiple cats, so they’re sturdy enough to endure whatever your cats can throw at them.

Even larger cats can make use of climbing towers – but we’re not guaranteeing that you’ll be able to convince them to do so!

Check out the best cat activity trees

We’ve reviewed the best cat activity trees in the UK just now – check them out below.

Cat Scratching Post Cat Tree with Hammock Cat Condo Tree For Multiple Cats Cat Scratching Barrel

Trixie Valencia Scratching Post

Trixie Valencia Scratching Post

Price: ££ (check)

A very sturdy cat tree

Different configurations for the posts

Soft and plush fabric

Very reasonably priced

1. The Trixie Valencia Scratching Post

The Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is a luxurious product that is complete with 2 platforms, making your feline as comfortable as possible while they care for their claws.

There is also a toy that they can play with which younger cats are sure to enjoy, making the experience even more exciting.

It’s available at a very reasonable price, especially when considering all the different features that this item has to offer. The natural beige colored scratching post is definitely more advanced than others on the market.

The dimensions of the item is 43.8cm x 32.4cm x 70.5cm, which is fairly large and ideal for cats of all different ages and sizes.

In addition to the scratching post itself, this product has a 1 comfy cave, 2 boards to lay on, 2 posts and a little toy to play with on an elastic. This means in addition to keeping their claws in good condition, your car can relax and have fun with this product. The way that the scratching post is set up means that your cat can use the posts from a number of different positions. It really is multi functional and guaranteed to keep your pet happy.

It’s a very sturdy scratching post that stays in place after you set it up. Even if you have the most boisterous cat in the world, you do not need to worry about this item toppling over when it is being used. The dangly ball toy feature makes the scratching post even more fun but this can be cut off if your cat is not interested in it. The top platform on the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is ideal for your cat to perch themselves on, as they watch the world go by.

The fabric used on the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is soft and plush, giving your cat the comfort it needs at all times. The cosy cave is also an ideal place for your cat to sleep and this is why many felines seem to enjoy the scratching post more than they would just an ordinary one.

The posts themselves are made with sisal material, which is both natural and durable. You can be rest assured that your cat won’t have any bad reactions with these posts and it’s ideal for all animals to trim their claws on.

If you are thoroughly fed up of your cat scratching the furniture in your house, even more reason to put your trust in this item.

Why this cat tree is the best…

As you can see, the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post has all the benefits your cat could need and this product in particular is definitely a good investment if you are searching for such an item. With all advantages and no drawbacks to this scratching post, what’s not to love about it? It’s a beautiful looking scratching post that would fit into any home perfectly, while your cat is sure to enjoy making the product its go to place for sleep and play.

Songmics Cat Tree with Hammock

Cat Tree with Hammock

Price: ££ (check)

Anti-toppling fittings ensure safety

Multiple napping options!

Easily assembled

2. Cat Tree with Hammock

All cats love a good scratch, and this activity centre blends all the fun of feline play with the relief of a good massage!

Life can get a little boring for our furry friends while we are off living our own lives and fulfilling our responsibilities, but this activity centre will keep any fur babies amused for hours.

So, is it just a scratching post with bells on?

Far from it – this cat tree is an adventure playground for cats, all in the comfort of their own home. The activity centre is a climbing frame with multiple levels to retain interest, all kept upright by scratching posts that can deal with those hard-to-reach itchy spots – and sisal ropes to keep kitty’s claws trim. No more damaged furniture for you! What’s more, your cat can also play with suspended ball decorations once they reach the top platform.

Naturally this could all get pretty tiring, so once they’re done your cat can drop a couple of platforms and hiding in a cubbyhole for a snooze where they will not be disturbed by their kitty playmates who are still enjoying the climbing frame, or they can lay claim to the hammock at the base of the activity centre. If you’re not keen on sharing your bed with a furry family member, this could be a great opportunity to get your moggies sleeping in their own quarters!

What cats is it suitable for?

Any and all ages and sizes provided that none of the cats playing on the activity centre exceed a weight of 7kg. This cat tree is ideal for multi-pet homes this is a sturdy construct that can take the weight of up to four cats at once. If you’re concerned, just lean it up against a wall or other solid construct to add an extra layer of protection.

This flexibility and adaptability makes the activity centre just as effective as a gift for any cat-loving friends and family members as it is as a place for your own four-legged friends to play!

Is it easy to assemble myself?

Yes, it’s delivered flat pack but all you’ll need to put the activity centre together is an allan key and about twenty minutes of your time. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a happy kitty that will play on it for multiple hours of every day!

Product Details

  • 154cm tall, 50cm wide and 50cm deep
  • Strong and stable, the activity centre is constructed from a combination of chipboard, velvet and sisal ropes.
  • Easy to clean – all you’ll need is a damp cloth.
  • Available in three colours; beige, grey and light grey.
  • Climbing frame consists of five platforms, a horsetail, decorative balls, a hammock and a cathouse for hiding and dozing.

Why this cat tree is the best…

Combining the relief that only a scratching post can provide with opportunities to climb, toys to bat around and even a cubbyhole and hammock to snooze in, this activity centre will meet every need that a kitty could possibly wish for.

Songmics Condo Cat Tree

Songmics Cat Tree Condo House

Price: ££ (check)

Comfy hammock for your cat

Plush covered perches

Easy to assemble

3. Songmics Cat Tree Condo House

Play or sleep, play or sleep… it’s a constant kitty dilemma. The Songmics Cat Tree Condo House makes both possible in the same unit!

Once kitty is ready for a nap, they can then drop into the build-in hammock for a lovely and relaxing snooze – or alternatively, they could lay on their back and spend hours batting at the in-built ball toy that hangs below the top platform until the hypnotic motion puts them to sleep.

Can kittens and older cats use this tree?

Absolutely, although if you have multiple cats you might want to look at a larger cat tree – you don’t want your feline friends fighting over who gets the hammock!

It’s the perfect solution for anybody looking to keep their beloved furball entertained without having them causing any damage to household furniture – with the use of the Songmics Cat Tree Condo House, your fur baby will be sharpening their claws and leaping dozing far away from your sofa and bed.

Will it take long to set up?

No, only ten minutes, and you will not require the use of a series of elaborate tools to complete the job. Full instructions will also be provided to avoid any confusion. It’s never been faster or easier to show your cat just how much you love them!

Why this cat tree is the best…

This is a wonderful combo climbing tree which comes with a hammock, little cat house, platforms and multiple toys. It will keep your cats entertained all day long and it’s very reasonably priced considered the high quality of the product.

Bunty Cat Activity Centre

Bunty Cat Activity Centre

Price: £ (check)

A great activity centre for multiple cats

A great price

Easy to assemble

4. Bunty Cat Activity Centre

If your cat likes to experience a variety of different forms of stimulation, the Bunty Cat Activity Centre will fill their hearts with wonder!

What is included in the activity centre?

Your cat can begin at the bottom of the Bunty Cat Activity Centre, where they will be invited to climb a small ladder into a cubbyhole cavern to snooze in if they fancy.

Alternatively, they can hop onto the first platform available to them and bound onto higher elevations points. Introduce your kitty to this activity centre and before long you’ll be left wondering if a monkey has replaced your cat!

It’s not just clambering that’s the name of the game with this activity centre, however. Your pets will be able to snatch forty winks on any of the spacious platforms, or even utilise the hammocks that are built into the side of the poles (that also double up as useful places to store precious treats or toys). There’s even a dangling string if your fur babies prefer to play themselves to sleep.

That sounds like a lot! Is it bulky and heavy?

The weight of the product is a little under 11kg, so it will not struggle to maintain the burden of more than one cat if you have a multi-pet home.

  • Heavyweight and reliable, the activity centre will not topple over – and comfort has not been compromised, as every inch is covered with plush and sisal ropes for scratching.
  • Colour in a default beige that will fit in any room, or you can opt for a fun paw-print motif.
  • More than once cat can use the activity centre at once.
  • Consists of four platforms, one cavern, two hammocks and a ladder – full instructions for construction from flatpack are included in the package.

Why this cat tree is the best…

This is just a wonderfully feature-laden activity tree that can be enjoyed by multiple cats. It’s priced at the lower mid range of the market, so it won’t break the bank either!

Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree

Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree

Price: ££ (check)

Cosy little barrel for cats

Cat scratching post for training

Good for multiple cats

5. Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree

Cats love to climb, and this Little Lazy tree will enable them to do so within the safety of your own home!

Is this just a glorified scratching post?

Not at all. The cat tree is constructed from sisal, meaning that all scratching will be undertaken on this product rather than your expensive furniture, but it also offers two layers of plush, hollowed out holes for your cat to hide and relax within (cleaning these areas is very simple, just use a cloth) – as well as a comfortable cushion at the very top. You can add a separate cushion here if necessary.

You could also position the tower below a window or wardrobe that your cat likes to climb onto to give them a little step-up, or use it as an alternative point of elevation that your pet will love.

How sturdy is the product? Will it topple over?

Very sturdy indeed – the Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree weighs around 7kg, so once you find a place for it you’ll be able to leave it with confidence. It won’t be knocked over by swishing tails and pose a safety hazard, and neither will it come down once your kitty has established themselves as king or queen of the castle and seated themselves at the peak of the tree. Placing the tree on carpet will make it even more secure and prevent any wobbles as your furry friend makes use of their new favourite accessory.

There is no weight or size restriction upon the tree provided your cat fits within the cubbyholes provided. It may not be advisable to have more than one cat use the product at any given time, though.

Is there any construction involved?

No – simply remove the tree from the box, place it where you’d like it to live, and you’re away! It’s a hugely efficient use of space, preventing the need to have a number of disparate beds and scratching posts dotted around a room. There is no easier way of making your cat feel safe and secure while also getting in a good scratch.

  • Tree is 72cm tall, 37cm wide and deep, and weighs about 7kg once placed in its permanent home.
  • Can be used exclusively as a scratching post, as a climbing frame, or a small bed to hide or doze within.
  • Available in two colours, beige or grey.
  • Tree is constructed from sisal rope throughout the exterior for scratching, while the top and interior cubbyholes are lined with plush cushions that ensure your cat feels cosy.

Why this cat tree is the best…

The Little Lazy cat tree is just as much a play centre as it is a place for your kitty to scratch their claws and body. Standing at 73cm tall, this tree will offer plenty of opportunities to climb to a higher vantage point and survey everything in a room (it’s their house, after all – you just pay the rent), while the hollow interior provides a hiding space around 37cm in diameter that any cat can curl up inside.

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  1. We have two heavy cats (OK, they’re fat, definitely fat!). They are fairly lazy, but still seem to find themselves on the top of things. Would a tree be a good investment or are the frames too weak for heavier cats?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, a good cat tree will be able to support heavier cats no problem at all. There are quite a lot of cats that fall into the category, so it makes sense that manufacturers ensure their products are suitable for all cats. If in doubt, check the reviews for a particular cat tree before purchasing.

  2. Word of warning not to leave your cats unsupervised on the larger cat trees. They can be unstable if your cat is on top especially if your cat is on the heavier side like ours is. Occasionally they jump on the top and the whole thing topples to one side.

    1. Hi Misha, thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, it’s definitely important to get the right tree and ensure it’s properly secured. Most cat trees however are sturdy and well-constructed and are designed to support even the heaviest of cats. Particularly products from recognised brands like Songmics and Happypet are tried and tested – they have loads of customers and great reviews.

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