The impact of having a pet on your mental health

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Pets such as dogs have been used for many years to help those in need. Organisations around the world employ staff and volunteers to take dogs to hospices, daycare centres and nursing homes, to name a few. The patients and visitors can then stroke the pets and get some much-needed companionship.

Not only can stroking and petting animals make you feel good, but there’s also scientific research that shows that pets can improve our mental health too! To show just how beneficial our furry friends can be, the guys over at the Animal Health Company have put together the infographic below.

The Animal Health Company has been providing medical products for dogs, horses and poultry since 1990. Their work has made significant contributions to the animal healthcare industry over the years, and this work has enabled them to improve the lives, well-being and comfort of many animals.

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  1. Whilst ensuring your mental health is addressed professionally, a pet can go a long way to help you enjoy the moment without the pressures of everything else that may be going. They give some much back without really asking anything of us. Ensure you’re always healthy mentally and physically but the road to recovery is a trip your pet would gladly go on with you.

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