The Best Dog Mattresses

Buying a dog mattress is a good way to pad your hard dog bed or dog crate so it’s more comfortable for your canine friend.

Choosing the right dog mattress

Why do you need a dog mattress?

Many dog owners prefer a harder dog bed, but these can be uncomfortable for dogs which means they’re less likely to use them. You can always pad them with cushions and pillows for dogs, but a mattress is a good permanent solution as they’re specifically design to line dog beds and crates.

Dog mattresses are machine washable

Every dog owner understands that their canine friend can begin to smell and spending a lot of time in their bed means their mattress will pick up dirt and odours. Each of mattresses featured here has a removable cover which can be machine washed.

Mattresses can be used instead of beds or on their own

Many of these mattresses can be used as a standalone dog bed and others can used to fit inside an existing bed or crate. This gives you plenty of options depending on how you want to use it.

Mattresses are good for older dogs

While there are a range of orthopedic and memory foam dog beds available, many of these mattresses are designed to be firm and offer your dog ergonomic support, so can be a good choice for older dogs.

The Dog's Bed Memory Foam Mattress

The Dog’s Bed Memory Foam Mattress

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL

Colours: 13 options

Material: Memory foam mattress with faux fur cover

1. The Dog’s Bed – Orthopaedic Mattress


Ensuring the health and well-being of your dog is always top of the list of priorities for every dog owner, and understanding that every dog (like every human), needs a good night’s sleep.

This is a therapeutic bed designed to offer a comfortable night’s sleep for dogs with joint conditions or dogs that are recovering from surgery. It’s priced at the mid to higher range for a dog bed, but it’s a high quality product. The easy-clean cover was designed with older dogs in mind, so drooling or accidents can easily be cleaned. The covers are machine washable and there are a range of replacement covers available in a variety of different colours.

Why this is the best dog bed…

This is a good solid choice for dogs who have difficulty getting comfortable in conventional dog beds. It’s high quality and the range of different coverings available means it will fit in any home nicely.

Orthopedic Dog Mattress

Orthopedic Dog Mattress

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: S / M / L

Colours: 3 options

Material: Water-resistant liner and human-grade memory foam mattress

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Mattress

This lovely orthopedic mattress from Friends Forever is soft, plush and is super comfy making it a wonderful choice for all types of dogs. The 10cm thick mattress has raised pillow sides which is great for dogs to curl up in and it’s wonderful for older dogs that may have joint pain with a good combination of firm support and soft cushions.

The cover is made from premium microfibre suede which is soft and breathable, but is also tough – it’s been tested for chew resistance and it’s fur-resistant, making it easy to clean. When you need to wash it, the cover can be easily removed and machine washed. The base is a memory foam mattress which offers great support for dogs as it adjusts to their sleeping habits, but will retain its shape.

This is just a beautifully engineered dog bed that your dog will love!

  1. Comfy suede mattress.
  2. Non-skid, non-slip base.
  3. Removable cover.

Our verdict…

The Friends Forever dog mattress is a luxury dog bed and while that comes at a slightly higher cost than others in the guide, the extra price is worth the comfort and quality you get.

AcornPets Pillow Mattress

AcornPets Pillow Mattress

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: M / L / XL

Colours: 2 options

Material: Berber fleece & suede nap

3. AcornPets B-103 Pillow Mattress

Not all dogs can settle in a more rigid bed and others love to spread out or move a lot when their sleeping, which is one of the main reasons they end up back on your sofa overnight!

Cue the giant pillow bed!

I mean, come on, wouldn’t you love to go to sleep on a giant pillow? Your dog will absolutely love this!

This dog bed is made from thick materials, meaning it’s super-comfy. The upper side is made from Berber fleece, which is a man-made fibre with a soft, fur-like texture. It’s a very smooth material which means your dog’s hairs won’t mat into the material and it can be easily cleaned. The underside is made from a suede nap, which keeps it from slipping around if your dog moves and also helps insulate the bed keeping your canine friend warm and cosy. The cover can be removed and is machine-washable.

  1. Giant pillow mattress.
  2. Removable cover which is machine washable.
  3. Good price.

Our verdict…

Because it’s a giant pillow, if you want to you can easily store it into a smaller space than you could a smaller bed. But, that’s only a minor benefit as the main is that it’s really cosy and your dog will love it! It’s pretty well priced too!

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Lounger

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Lounger

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: 1 size

Colours: 1 option

Material: Ultra plush faux fur

4. Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Lounger

The orthopedic dog lounger from Furhaven is a quirky and unique design that your dog will love sprawling out on as they doze off. The lounger style means the raised ends give great head and shoulder support for your dog as they sleep and offer a range of different sleeping positions that cradle your dog.

The surface is coated with luxury faux fur which is soft and warm to touch and makes for a great sleeping environment for your dog. As with other mattresses and beds, the cover is easily removable and machine washable to keep it free from odours and dirt.

The base of the mattress is a high quality memory foam material which gives support for your dog’s joints, making it a great choice for older dogs who may have joint pains.

  1. Ergonomic design.
  2. Orthopedic medical-grade foam.
  3. Great faux fur covering.

Our verdict…

While this is another premium mattress, its unique design and high quality construction means it’s a great choice for many dogs.

Fristone Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Fristone Memory Foam Dog Mattress

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: XL / XXL / XXXL

Colours: 5 options

Material: Artificial rabbit hair surface

5. Fristone Memory Foam Dog Mattress

This simple memory foam mattress for dogs from Fristone is a great multi-purpose mattress that could be used as a standalone bed, or used as a mattress in another dog bed or dog crate. The mattress has a high density “egg shell” design, which offers firm support for your dog, while allowing them to find a comfy spot in the subtle contours and distribute their weight more evenly.

The surface of the mattress is made from artificial rabbit hair, which is soft, furry and warm. The bottom of the mattress has a non-slip design to keep it in place even if your dog is an “active” sleeper. The mattress also has a handle on the which makes it easy for you to transport. This is great if you’re taking your dog on trips – it allows you to bring a long a high quality bed without too much effort.

  1. High density egg shell design.
  2. Non-slip and removable cover.
  3. Use to line dog beds or dog crates.

Our verdict…

This lovely dog mattress comes in at a great price, making it the perfect choice for dog owners looking for a simple and high quality orthopedic mattress for their dog.

Bedsure Memory Foam Mattress

Bedsure Memory Foam Mattress

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: M / L / XL

Colours:1 option

Material: Oxford fabric cover and memory foam mattress

6. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Mattress

This is another wonderful dog mattress with an “egg shaped” design (similar to the bottom of an egg carton). This allows dogs to spread their weight more evenly on the mattress and the small counters are great places to rest joints and boney areas more comfortably. For older dogs, firmer foam mattresses are a great choice as they absorb more shock when the dog lays down, putting less pressure on their bones and joints.

This mattress is reversible – the top surface has a soft fleece material which is great for keeping dogs warm and cosy during the winter months. When it’s warmer outside, the other side is covered with an Oxford fabric, which is smoother and cooler. This is a great choice for dogs who have trouble resting when the weather is a bit too extreme for them.

  1. High density egg shell design.
  2. Non-slip and removable cover.
  3. Use to line dog beds or dog crates.

Our verdict…

This is a great low cost mattress that works well in a lot of different situations. Good for older dogs, but even younger pups will enjoy curling up on it.

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