The Best Dog Cushions & Pillows

Soft cushions and pillows are a great alternative or addition to regular dog beds – you can be sure your best friend will love them.

Tips for buying cushions or pillows for your dog

Do dogs need pillows?

No, not specifically. At least, you shouldn’t be worried if your dog is sleeping without resting their head on a pillow – they’re not built like humans, so can sleep quite comfortably without supporting their head or neck. But, dogs do like to sleep in a bunch of weird and wonderful different positions, so if there’s a nice, soft pillow or cushion available, it’s likely they’ll happily make use of it.

Why do dogs like pillows and cushions?

Just like us, dogs like to find a warm and cost place to sleep, so when they realise that the cosy cushions and plush pillows are super comfortable, they’ll learn that they’re good for sleeping on.

Wouldn’t you?


Should I get a pillow for my dog’s bed?

It really depends on the type of dog bed you have, what condition it is in and your dog’s preferences.

For older dogs, a softer sleeping environment may not be ideal (if they have arthritis or have trouble lying down for example) and you would be better with a firmer orthopaedic bed or memory foam mattress.

If your dog’s bed doesn’t have raised sides that they can rest their heads on, then a pillow or cushion might be a good addition to let them get comfortable.

If you notice your dog dragging a sofa cushion to their bed, it may be because the bed is worn and not as comfortable as it once was, so this is a good sign that you should replace the bed or get a cushion, pillow or mattress to make it more comfortable for them.

The Best Cushions & Pillows for Dogs

Keep your canine friend comfortable with these great dog cushions and pillows

AcornPets Dog Pillow Bedsure Dog Mattress Trixie Winny Cushion Friends Forever Donut Pet Bed Happy Hounds Dog Pillow AcornPets Pillow Mattress

AcornPets Dog Pillow

AcornPets Dog Pillow

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: M / L / XL

Colours: 2 options

Material: High quality corn velvet and suede nap

1. AcornPets Fleece Dog Pillow

**Highly Recommended**

AcornPets are a wonderful brand for high quality pet products and their fleece dog pillow is one of the best on the market right now. It’s a simple, thick dog pillow which can be used as a bed on its own or easily fitted to a bed or dog crate.

The upper surface is made from a high quality corn velvet, making it resistant to wear and tear, fading, chewing and making it easy to clean hairs from. The lower surface is made from a suede material, which is soft and helps prevent the pillow from slipping around. No matter what side ends facing up, your dog will have a comfortable rest!

The outer cover can be removed and machine washed, keeping it fresh and free from dirt and odours. The inner cover is water resistant and the cotton stuffing can be easily removed to allow to also be machine washed.

  1. Extra thick.
  2. Removable and machine washable cover.
  3. Suede nap bottom to provide extra insulation.

Our verdict…

The AcornPets Dog Pillow is a soft, warm and high quality pillow that comes in at a very reasonable price. A great choice of standalone dog bed or to add comfort to an existing bed.

Bedford Dog Mattress

Bedford Dog Mattress”

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: M / L / XL

Colours: 1 option

Material: Oxford fabric

2. Bedsure Dog Mattress

The Bedsure dog mattress is intended to be more of a standalone dog bed, rather than a pillow – but it can be used to pad a dog crate, raised bed or other sleeping area. It has a soft cushion design which means your canine friend will love sinking into its plush, comfy volume.

The exterior is made from a high quality Oxford fabric which is machine washable, tough and water resistant. Simply stick the entire mattress into the washing machine and hang it out to dry or stick it in the tumble drier to keep it free from dirt and odours. It’s filled with a plump microfibre, which helps it keep its shape when in use and after washing. The fabric is designed to resist water such as sweat or little accidents and can be wiped clean if accidents do occur.

  1. Water resistant.
  2. Machine washable.
  3. Holds shape well.

Our verdict…

The Bedsure Dog Mattress is a great all-round choice. It fits nicely in any space and although there’s only one colour option, it’s neutral enough to fit well in any home. A great price for a high quality product.

Trixie Winny Cushion

Trixie Winny Cushion

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: S / M / L / XL

Colours: 1 option

Material: Polyester fleece filling

3. Trixie Winny Cushion

The Trixie Winny cushion is a lovely little paw print design cushion that is great for dogs as a standalone bed or fitted nicely into a bed or crate. It’s the lowest cost of all the cushions and pillows featured here, making it a great budget purchase.

The cushion is a soft padded design with a warm and soft polyester fleece filling which any dog will love. While it doesn’t have a removable cover, the entire cushion can be machine washed, keeping it fresh (or at least as fresh as your canine friend is!).

  1. Comfy polyester fleece filling.
  2. Cute paw print design.
  3. Machine washable.

Our verdict…

The Trixie Winny Cushion is just a nice little budget cushion, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great choice.

Friends Forever Donut Pet Bed

Friends Forever Donut Pet Bed

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: S / M / L

Colours: 4 options

Material: Synthetic plush fur

4. Friends Forever Donut Pet Bed

The Friends Forever Donut Pet Bed is a lovely little addition to any room and your dog will love it. It’s plush and cosy which means your dog will be able to burrow into it and get a warm and comfortable snooze. The donut shape offers many more options for your dog to get comfy, and there are several different sizes available so all breeds of dogs can enjoy it.

The bed is made from a lovely faux fur plush material and the supportive filling of the pillow means that your dog will have support for their head and neck, giving them a good night’s sleep. The raised sides when they snuggle in will help block out draughts too. While it’s priced a little higher than other pillows and cushions mentioned here, it’s a high quality product and worth the extra cost.

  1. Great for dogs to curl up in.
  2. Machine washable.
  3. Faux fur material.

Our verdict…

Donut beds are just cute. Every dog owner has seen their canine friend burrow into a pile of cushions, bed sheets or pillows, so why not get them their own?

Happy Hounds Dog Pillow

Happy Hounds Dog Pillow

Price: ££ (check)

Sizes: XS / S / M

Colours: 2 options

Material: Heavy-duty microfibre fabric

5. Happy Hounds Dog Pillow

The Happy Hounds dog pillow is a premium pillow which will be great for dogs who like to keep an eye on their surroundings. While other pillows and cushions featured here can be used as standalone beds, this one might be better used separately from dog beds as the shape and design won’t quite fit into other beds.

It’s made from a heavy-duty microfibre which is velvety to the touch and stuffed with a polyfiber fill which is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The cover can be removed and machine washed, keeping it fresh.

  1. Raised dog pillow.
  2. Reversible cover.
  3. Machine washable.

Our verdict…

This is a great premium pillow which is ideal for dogs that like to be the centre of attention. They’ll love having their own little perch in your living room!

Pillow Mattress for Dogs

Pillow Mattress for Dogs

Price: ££ (check)

Giant pillow mattress

Made from Berber fleece

Easy to clean

6. AcornPets Pillow Mattress for Dogs

Not all dogs can settle in a more rigid bed and others love to spread out or move a lot when their sleeping, which is one of the main reasons they end up back on your sofa overnight!

Cue the giant pillow bed!

I mean, come on, wouldn’t you love to go to sleep on a giant pillow? Your dog will absolutely love this!

This dog bed is made from thick materials, meaning it’s super-comfy. The upper side is made from Berber fleece, which is a man-made fibre with a soft, fur-like texture. It’s a very smooth material which means your dog’s hairs won’t mat into the material and it can be easily cleaned. The underside is made from a suede nap, which keeps it from slipping around if your dog moves and also helps insulate the bed keeping your canine friend warm and cosy. The cover can be removed and is machine-washable.

Why this is the best dog bed…

Because it’s a giant pillow, if you want to you can easily store it into a smaller space than you could a smaller bed. But, that’s only a minor benefit as the main is that it’s really cosy and your dog will love it! It’s pretty well priced too!

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