Why are cats scared of cucumbers?

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OK, so we’ve all seen those videos. Human finds cucumber. Human leaves cucumber behind cat. Cat sees cucumber. Cat is terrified of cucumber. Human laughs.

Bravo, human. You scared a little cat. Bravo.

It’s obvious why cats are so scared of cucumbers. THEY’RE FREAKING SNAKE-SHAPED AND THE SIZE OF THEIR ENTIRE BODY! If you turned around and there was a 6ft green snake-like thing behind you, there would be a you-shaped hole in the wall too! It’s the cat equivalent of a knife-wielding clown hiding under your bed at 3am.

So, yeh, you’re evil if you scare your cat like that, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Cats can be very timid and anxious animals. What might seem like a hilarious prank at the time is something that may affect your cats demeanour and general relationship with you. If you’ve put time and effort into training your cat, why would you undo all of that progress? As we’ve covered in our other article, stressing your cat out can lead to more problems:

  • Increased scratching of furniture
  • Being more vocal
  • Increase aggression
  • Loss of appetite

Imagine a situation where you were affected by those changes. Do you really want to inflict that on your cat?

What’s more – cats can move. I mean, they can REALLY MOVE! 

You don’t want to frighten your cat only for them to sprint off into a patio door or knock into furniture and do themselves some damage. If your cat sprints away in blind fear, there’s a good chance that they will really hurt themselves.

So, don’t do it people! Take care of your cat – don’t terrify the poor wee thing!

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