Tips for buying a new puppy for the first time

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So you have finally made the decision to give a loving home to a new puppy but you’re wondering if there’s anything you need to do which is why you’re reading this post.

This decision is truly an exciting one as you’re about to have a four-legged furry friend that will keep you company and enrich your life. However, the first thing you should know is that all puppies aren’t perfect and that’s why we’ve put this guide together to help you buy a pup that fits your lifestyle.

Don’t pick a pup in a hurry

Some first time dog owners tend to get carried away by how adorable a pup and often make their choice based on how charming they look. This could cause some problems in the future if the puppy doesn’t fit your lifestyle and living circumstances.

For instance, husky puppies need plenty of walks and exercises when they grow to remain healthy. They also need a lot of attention so they don’t become destructive when they get bored.

A Labrador, on the other hand isn’t a great choice if you live in an apartment.

So before you make a choice of which puppy to buy, consider if the breed is suitable for you. If you’re unsure of the nature of a breed, consult with your vet.

Choose your breeder carefully

Getting a puppy from the wrong breeder can be a costly mistake as you may later discover some grave health problems in your new pet.

Although they do have aggressive marketing tactics, you will be doing yourself a favour by staying away from market place websites. These are sites are just looking to make some quick money and do not have genuine interest of the breed at heart. You don’t want to deal with issues like poor health, underweight, poor social skills due to early separation from their parents etc.

Your best bet is to ask your friends or a vet for recommendations to a good breeder.

Visit the breeder’s premises

Next, make sure you visit the breeder’s premises so you can see thing for yourself such as the environment the pup was born and raised, the pup’s mother and so on.

Allowing the breeder bring the pup to you might seem convenient but it’s important to make sure you do all background checks before buying a puppy. Reject offers to meet with the breeder in a random place like a car park or a motorway service station.

Examine the pup

This is the stage where you examine your pup to be sure you’re making a great choice.

First, confirm from the breeder if the pup is at least 8 weeks old so you won’t take it from its mother too early.

Then examine to make sure the pup is one to buy by checking for these characteristics: bright, alert, healthy, perky, friendly and healthy. If it cowers, hides or has a runny eyes or nose, these aren’t good signs and you should avoid it.

Prepare to bring your pet home

It’s also a great idea to prepare home before bring your little friend with you. Puppies are quite energetic compared to adult dogs and they’re more likely to cause damage or even be involved in an accident. So look for potential hazards in your home and puppy-proof every area to keep your pup from having the opportunity to hurt itself.

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Present your pup to the vet

By the time you get to this stage, you must have chosen your pup. The next thing to do is to take your new pet to the vet for a physical examination. Ask the vet to administer all the vaccines your pup needs and be sure everything is recorded in a vaccination record. If your pup is 8 weeks old or less than, you should expect to visit the vet for vaccines every three weeks or so until the vet says otherwise.

Make some rules and be consistent with them

To wrap it all up, while you may be excited about being a pet parent, don’t just unhook the leash and let your pup roam the house. This is a mistake many dog owners make and they seldom realise it until it starts causing trouble. As soon as you get home, create rules for your dog to follow and be consistent with them.

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