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The Starmark Bob-a-Lot is specially designed to help in feeding dogs of different sizes. The toy works by dropping food or treats in a convenient manner consequently keeping the dog busy. It has a small opening at the bottom area which is the one that drops the treats and food.

Because of this the dog remains busy as it plays with the toy hoping to get more food from inside the toy. Opening this toy is simple and one can easily clean it. The opening that drops the treats is adjustable to allow more convenient use.


  • Made4 using plastic which makes it light and easy to play with
  • Has adjustable openings which makes putting and removing food easier
  • It can float in water
  • It comes in attractive colors which keep the dogs interested
  • The total weight is 4564 grams
  • The dimensions are 15.2 centimeters by 15.2 centimeters by 21.6 centimeters


The Bob-a-Lot is made by Starmark which is a renowned company when it comes to making dogs toys. The reputation of the company gives dog owners the assurance that they are getting high quality toys from this particular company. The toys are usually tested with many breeds of dogs to make sure that they have the right qualities.

This particular dog toy is made in a way that it is completely safe for different types of dogs. This is achieved through ensuring that it does not have sharp edges which can easily harm a dog.

Consequently, it is safe to be used even by the small puppies which are usually very curious. Its colors are also another attraction to dogs of different breeds. This is meant to keep the dogs occupied at all times as they try to get the food or treats from the toy. The fact that the toy can bounce and even float in water makes it more ideal. The bouncing effect usually keeps the dog interested as it tries to chase the toy around.

The materials which are used to make the toy are completely safe. There are no materials that can harm the dog even after trying to chew the toy.

Furthermore, the Bob-a-lot does not break easily and as a result the dog can play with it for long without the dog owner worrying that the toy will break. The toy is in the large category because it is relatively big consequently making it ideal for almost any dog.


It is evident that the Bob-a-Lot is a suitable and very helpful dog toy. Any dog owner can enjoy the benefits of having this particular toy. The toy will keep the dog busy and physically active. This makes the dog healthier and happier consequently even improving the relationship between the dog and the owner.

Using the toy is simple and can be done by any dog owner. All what one needs is to get the right foods or treats which can easily come out of the toy in a simple manner. Therefore, the Starmark Bob-a-Lot is a suitable dog toy that can keep any dog bust and therefore make the dog healthier and happier.


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