Review: Tailmate Dog Rope Chew Toys

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Tailmate Dog Rope Chew Toys are great because they offer much more than just playtime. It is t also a form of schooling which will enhance your pet’s abilities. These rope chew toys are the perfect gift for your dogs as they can exercise their jaws and strengthen their teeth while they play with you.


Tailmate Dog Ropes are made out of heavy duty pure 100% cotton, and they are carefully crafted in bright and distinct colors.

They’re great for dogs of all ages, but are particularly recommended for puppies as they are durable and can endure whatever your puppy throws at them for a good amount of time. Although some dogs with a stronger bite will wear the toy down, most should get a few months use out of them, which makes them great value for money. In fact, these rope toys last longer than most on the market just now.

The package includes 3 toys, small, medium and large.

Key features

  • High Quality material
  • Pure cotton
  • Interactive toy category
  • Pack of 3
  • Fit for training purpose
  • Strengthens jaws


  • Safe Fabric
  • Non toxic

Suitable for:

  • Puppies
  • Medium sized dogs
  • Large dogs, although stronger dogs may chew through the toy quickly

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Tailgate Dog Rope Toys

Product Summary

Dogs love to chew. It helps strengthen their gums and teeth, and they get a lot of enjoyment from it.

Rope toys are a perfect toy for dogs as they are sturdy and allow you to play with your dog (frankly, without getting out of your chair if you don’t want to!), or it gives them something to chew on their own.

Tailmate Dog Ropes are a great brand and popular with many dog owners, so you know you’ll always be getting a reputable product. Given that you pick up a pack of 3 rope toys for under a tenner, makes them great value too. These toys are a great gift for your dogs and we’re sure you’ll get some enjoyment from them too!


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