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Having a high quality carrier to take your pet to and from the vet, plus anywhere else that you might be going is a necessity This RayGar Foldable Pet Carrier is red and comes in the size small. It’s worth mentioning however that are several sizes of this particular product available too, which is ideal if you have a larger cat/dog.

The soft fabric and various mesh panels makes this comfortable for your pet and it also means they will not become claustrophobic when put in the carrier. The entire product is machine washable and folds away easily, making it stand out from crate style pet carriers which can be a little awkward and take up a lot of space.


It is easy to assemble the RayGar Foldable Pet Carrier for your convenience, it can be unfolded and folded back up in seconds which is ideal if you need to go anywhere in a hurry with your dog or cat. The way that it goes flat when disassembled makes it really easy to store away. There are also carry handles at the top of the product, making transportation even easier.

The RayGar Foldable Pet Carrier is made with high quality material that is safe and comfortable for your pet. In addition to this, there are mesh panels on all sides of the carrier and at the top. If you have a nervous pet or one that is not used to being put into a carrier this is ideal because they will be much happier knowing that they can see you at all times.

At the bottom of the carrier is a washable fleece bed, making it even more comfortable for your pet to be in. This even allows them to have a little nap during transportation if they wish!

Although the carrier itself is soft for maximum comfort, inside it is made from a steel frame. This makes it very strong, durable and means that you do not need to worry about your pet escaping.

The small size of the RayGar Foldable Pet Carrier is 49.5 X 34.5 x 35cm. There are larger sizes available though if you have a bigger pet that you require this product for. At £22.99, the carrier is very reasonably priced considering the mentioned benefits. The product goes up slightly in price if you require a larger size but you are still getting very good value for money.


The RayGar Foldable Pet Carrier is a high quality pet carrier with all the benefits you could possibly need. Whether you have a cat or small dog, this item is ideal for carrying the pet from location to location in a safe environment. It’s a soft product and will give your pet some comfort at what could do, a difficult time in their life. This carrier seems to be a hit with customers around the world who have purchased it. No fancy extras are required with this carrier, it’s simple but it works well and is definitely worth investing in.


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