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If your cat likes to experience a variety of different forms of stimulation, the Happypet Scratcher Activity Centre will fill their hearts with wonder!

The Perfect Playset for Adventurous Cats!

No matter what style of play your kitty enjoys most, they are sure to find plenty to enchant them with the Happypet Activity Centre. So much more than just a spot to scratch their back and claws, this activity centre allows opportunities to climb, play, jump and sleep!

What is Included in the Activity Centre?

Your cat can begin at the bottom of the Happypet Scratcher Activity Centre, where they will be invited to climb a small ladder into a cubbyhole cavern for a little privacy if that’s what they’re looking for.

Alternatively, they can hop onto the first platform available to them – which also features a tunnel – and bound onto higher elevations points, the top of which can be as high as 2.6 metres (the height of the activity centre is adjustable). Introduce your kitty to this activity centre and before long you’ll be left wondering if a monkey has replaced your cat!

It’s not just clambering that’s the name of the game with the Happypet Cat Activity Centre, however. Your pets will be able to snatch forty winks on any of the spacious platforms, or even utilise the hammocks that are built into the side of the poles (that also double up as useful places to store precious treats or toys). There’s even a dangling string if your fur babies prefer to play themselves to sleep.

That Sounds Like a Lot! Is it Bulky and Heavy?

The weight of the Happypet Cat Activity Centre is a little under 30kg, so it will not struggle to maintain the burden of more than one cat if you have a multi-pet home.

The playset can stretch to over head height – perfect for flying moggies that like to leap from the top of cabinets – and will save a great deal of space in your home by squeezing a number of different features into one tool. The fact that your cats will have an absolute whale of a time playing on the activity centre just adds to the charm.

Product Details

  • The activity centre can reach 230-260cm in height, is around 68cm wide and 48cm deep. The total weight is 29kg.
  • Heavyweight and reliable, the activity centre will not topple over – and comfort has not been compromised, as every inch is covered with plush and sisal ropes for scratching.
  • Colour in a default beige that will fit in any room, or you can opt for a fun paw-print motif.
  • More than once cat can use the activity centre at once.
  • Consists of four platforms, one cavern, two tunnels, two hammocks, a hanging play string and a ladder – full instructions for construction from flatpack are included in the package.

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