Review: Me & My Luxury Soft Cat Box Igloo

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The Me & My Luxury Box Igloo is exactly that: luxury. Do you have a fussy pet that acts like a prince or a princess? Are they hard to please and only have a quick sniff of a new toy or bed before walking off and never looking at it? If you answered yes, you’ll benefit from the Me & My Luxury Box Igloo.

Why This Product Is Luxury

The Me & My Luxury Box Igloo is different to many cheap products on the market today. It’s made of comfortable materials for your pet, whilst staying within any price budget. The interior includes a super soft cushion that will help your pet feel like royalty. That is why this product is one of luxury.

Which Animals Can Use It?

One of the many fantastic things about the Me & My Luxury Box Igloo is that the product is not limited to just one or two animals; it can be used by a huge range of small pets. Small dogs who need some extra shelter and warmth, cats who want a hideaway or somewhere to keep snug, indoor rabbits who need a cute rabbit hole to help keep them cosy and a range of other small animals will all benefit from this snug box! Please keep in mind that this entire product is soft, so cats and other pets who like to sit on the top of their toys and beds may squash it down from time to time. It’s OK though, it’s easy to pop open again.

Product Features

  • Incredibly warm and soft interior – a perfect spot for your pet
  • Private place
  • Fleece cushion – removable and reversible
  • Great for a range of small pets
  • Height 41cm / width 41cm / depth 41cm
  • Open access point 23.5cm x 22cm
  • Cushion thickness 7cm
  • Great for all homes

If you have a pet that you’re worried about keeping warm and feeling safe, this is a great product. Also, because it doesn’t have any attachments with small pieces or an electric supply, owners can leave their pets to sleep and play happily by themselves. This is perfect for people who have pets at home and have to leave them when they go out for the day or work long hours.

This pet box is easy to fold up, which means it is great for when you want to travel with your pet, but still need a place for them to sleep in whilst you’re away. Due to the fabric the box is made of, you can easily wash the product, making it last longer. Just hand wash or put in the washing machine on a low temperature and hang it out to dry (so you don’t misshape the product) and it will look as good as new.

Don’t delay in having a look at the Me & My Luxury Igloo Box today if you’ve been searching for a private pet bed and still haven’t managed to find the suitable one.


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