The Best Cat Tree Reviews

Cats love to climb – these cat trees are a safe and fun place for them to do so!

Your cats spend endless hours climbing (and scratching!) – we’ve reviewed the best cat trees, which are the perfect gift for your feline friends.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are a great place for cats to play and to sleep

You know as well as we do that cats love to sleep in high places. So why not treat them to a new cat tree so they can sleep comfortably?

Larger cat trees can be expensive, but worth the cost

As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. A more expensive, ceiling high cat tree will be used by your cat for many years.

Styles and materials used to make cat trees suit all homes

You won’t have to look hard to find a cat tree that your cat loves and also matches your home decor. Everyone’s happy!

A Quick Comparison of Cat Trees

From basic trees to full activity towers - your cat will love these!

Songmics Climb Tree

Songmics Climb Tree

Best for price. This low cost cat tree is a great starter product for new cat owners. It does the job nicely!

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HappyPet Cat Tree

Best for variety. This is a more elaborate cat tree / activity centre but still comes in at a very affordable price and is great for owners of more than one cat.

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Songmics Activity Centre

Songmics Cat Tree with Hammock

Best for sleeping. Stop everything! This has a frickin’ hammock! Why are you still reading this? Go buy it now! Seriously, it’s a great tree / activity centre and also comes in at a great price.

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Cat playing

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Comments 4

  1. We have two heavy cats (OK, they’re fat, definitely fat!). They are fairly lazy, but still seem to find themselves on the top of things. Would a tree be a good investment or are the frames too weak for heavier cats?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Yes, a good cat tree will be able to support heavier cats no problem at all. There are quite a lot of cats that fall into the category, so it makes sense that manufacturers ensure their products are suitable for all cats. If in doubt, check the reviews for a particular cat tree before purchasing.

  2. Word of warning not to leave your cats unsupervised on the larger cat trees. They can be unstable if your cat is on top especially if your cat is on the heavier side like ours is. Occasionally they jump on the top and the whole thing topples to one side.

    1. Hi Misha, thanks for dropping by!

      Yes, it’s definitely important to get the right tree and ensure it’s properly secured. Most cat trees however are sturdy and well-constructed and are designed to support even the heaviest of cats. Particularly products from recognised brands like Songmics and Happypet are tried and tested – they have loads of customers and great reviews.

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