The Best Cat Bed Reviews

Is your kitty sleepy-oh-so-sleepy?

Of course it is and although we both know that he or she would happily fall asleep quite literally anywhere, why not check out these awesome cat beds?

Of course it is and although we both know that he or she would happily fall asleep quite literally anywhere, why not check out these awesome cat beds?

Cat Bed Reviews

Cats spend around 60% of their time asleep

It’s really important to find a good bed for your cats – it ensures they will get the most from their rest period, and it’s great for them to have a comfy bed to sleep in at night.

Cats can often prefer the security of a ‘den”

A good cat bed gives your feline friend somewhere safe and secure to sleep in. That’s great for younger cats to build trust, or acclimatising rescue cats to their new surroundings.

Cat trees & activity centres are good value

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the right cat bed – why not consider an option that offers something more – like a scratching post or activity centre?

A Quick Comparison of Cat Beds

In a rush? We've handpicked the best cat beds and highlighted why they're great...

Nobby Cat Tree

Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree

Best for friends. This brilliant cat tree has sleeping space for two cats, which makes it great value if you have more than one cat.

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SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

Best for entertainment. A fantastic, multi-functional product – this cat bed is a full playroom with a variety of toys to keep your kitty entertained.

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Trixie Baza Scratching Post For Cats

Trixie Baza – Scratching Post & Hammock

Best for functionality. This is great for cats as it offers them a snug place to sleep and doubles up as a scratching post as well.

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Cat and Dog

ARTICLE: Where do cats like to be petted?

Sure, when your kitty isn’t sleeping on their new bed (or by your feet, on your lap, on the table, on the car bonnet, up a tree…and basically sleeping anywhere they feel like it…), they love to be petted. But where are the best places to pet your cat?

This article looks at some of psychology behind cats and where they like to be petted.


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Comments 6

  1. Can anyone help? I’m having an absolute nightmare getting my cat to actually sleep in their bed!

    She’ll sleep anywhere else – on the kitchen table, on top of the cupboards or even on my feet. But not her new bed! Any tips for encouraging her to use the bed?

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by!

      As with most pets, bribery can work! Lure your cat into its new bed with treats and praise her when she gets in. Where you place the bed can be important too – cats like warm areas, away from noise and with some natural light. Try a few different spots around the house to place the bed – perhaps something close to where she used to sleep?

      Let us know how you get on!

  2. I bought the Petnap heated tunnel for my little Onyx and he loves it and it stops him lying on top of the radiator. It’s safe to leave on overnight for him and the heating pad can be removed from the bed to allow you to wash it. A great purchase!

  3. I have two cats and bought the SmartCat playhouse for them. I thought that one could play inside while the other was on the roof, but most of the time they both squeeze into the main bit. It has been a fantastic purchase and has lasted over 2 years now! But don’t expect to get your cat out of the house very easily. It’s like drawing blood from a stone!

    Highly recommend it!

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