Review: Petsfit Fabric Large Pet Carrier for Dogs & Cats

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As a pet owner, a carrier isn’t the most exciting item but it is an essential one that you need to have. It allows you to take your dog or feline to the vet, or anywhere else that you need to go. Investing in a good pet carrier means it will last you for years to come. Let’s take a look at the Petsfit Fabric Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats so you can discover the features of the item and figure out if it is right for you.


The Petsfit Pet Carrier comes in a range of colours including rose red, red, coffee and blue so you can choose what stands out to you. It has netting on the sides and tops to provide maximum ventilation for your pet. It is 50cm x 29cm x 31cm which are the perfect dimensions to hold medium-sized animals as you transport them.


  • It has a three pockets which should be really convenient to you. There is also a warm fleece mat to ensure your dog or cat stays warm and comfortable.
  • The puller on the carrier is lockable, which helps prevent your pet opening the zipper and getting out. This ensures maximum safety for the animal which should of course be number one priority!
  • Two steel frames are built into this item, which helps prevent it getting bent out of shape between uses.


  • The Petsfit Fabric Pet Carrier is made with the best quality materials which means it is a very durable product overall and should last you for some time. Your dog or cat is not going to be able to break through the material.
  • It is fabric and also has a fleece mat inside with means that your pet is going to enjoy full comfort and is less likely to get scared than if they were in a carrier that feels more like a cage. The amount of ventilation on this item will ensure your pet can see you at all times which should make them feel a little happier.
  • The carrier looks really modern and the variety of colours means that you can choose what is right for you.
  • The majority of reviews across the web for this carrier are positive.


You never know when a time might crop up when you need to take your pet somewhere and the majority of animals will need a carrier for safety reasons. For such occasions, an item like this is essential and it’s clear to see that this particular pet carrier has all the features you need. A cool design with high quality material, a good reputation and an affordable price means that it is definitely a product worth investing in. It guarantees a happy pet and a happy pet equals a happy owner!


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