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Curver is a company that has developed a complete range of animal accessories to help you in keeping your pets well organised in a stylish and handy manner. The Curver Cat Carrier is a pet carrier which is one of the accessories provided by this company to allow you to keep your cat or small animals comfortably with you. These carriers are available in three sizes so that you can choose one as per the size of your pet.

Features of the Curver Cat Carrier

  • Ventilation/air holes
  • Availability in 3 sizes
  • Area to tag name
  • Anti-slip rim
  • Attractive design


  • The efforts of the producers of Curver Cat Carrier have been appreciated by its users due to the benefits provided by it. Some of its benefits may include:
  • It is quiet spacious to keep cats larger than average size and even small dogs and Guinea pigs while taking to vet’s clinic or from breeder to your home.
  • It keeps your pets safe and comfortable in any condition as its lid at the top opens upward. Pets usually cling to the back wall of the carrier while visiting to the vet due to their notorious nature.
  • Its top opening also makes it easier for you to take out your pet safely
  • Its covered bottom can also help in keeping your pets calm and comfortable throughout the time he is kept in it.
  • It is big enough to keep your bigger cat comfortable and safe instead of stuffing in it
  • The quality and design of this pet carrier are also very adorable
  • It has a flap on its back to pat your pet or feeding him while waiting at vet’s clinic
  • It has holes in the top and front wall to allow the pet see almost everything around him.
  • In order to make him feel more relaxed and comfortable you can cover this carrier with a cloth
  • It has a widely opening latch to allow you to take out your pet comfortably as well as lock it to keep your pet in it, if you are not present there.
  • It is also provided with handle to carry your pet safely without worrying about dropping him on the way.


Though the Curver Cat Carrier has a number of benefits but it has few drawbacks also. Main drawbacks of this pet carrier include its heavy weight and a bit higher price.


After going through the review of the Curver Cat Carrier, it can be concluded that it is the best pet carrier in its class as it can keep pets safe even if they are larger than average size. Though it has few drawbacks also but a product cannot be judged on the basis of such personalised negative points. On the whole this pet carrier is best for the people who like to take their pets with them while travelling somewhere, even to the clinic of their vet. It is recommended for the people who want to keep their pets safe and comfortable in every condition. If you want to keep your pet happy and safe then just go for it right now.


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