Review: Collapsible 3 Way Cat Play Tunnel

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This Collapsible 3 Way Cat Play Tunnel comes from the brand Wingsky and is a fantastic play tunnel for your cats.


This is an interactive toy designed for playing by cats, and can ensure many hours of entertainment for them. The cat toy comes with three spacious tunnels, with a hole in the mid-section. It has a sprung-steel frame that is encased in polyester that is strong as well as tear-proof.

The package comprises of a storage bag, a cat wand and a cat tunnel.

It can help owners to have their cats keep themselves engaged for hours, ensuring they are active and get enough exercise as they dart in and out of the tunnels.

The tunnel is foldable, offered with an elastic band. As it is foldable, it can be packed, stored and taken along with ease.

Size and shape

The wand measures between 11 and 28 inches, and each tube is around 32 inches in length and 10 inches in height. It is attractive as well as long-lasting in size and shape. It has a solid, strong sprung steel frame having protective ends to ensure safety. It has scratch-proof material on the inside, which can ensure no sticking of cat fur to the surface.


  • The cat wand feather and tunnel allows cats to work out and have fun for many hours. Pet cats can be kept entertained anywhere. When used along with balls, treats, cat charmers etc, the tunnel can be more fun to use.
  • As the inner side is built out of a scratch-proof substance, it does not have to be cleaned each time.
  • It has a durable design, and can last for a long time despite being used by your pet every day. This is a strong and flexible toy, and can manage handling by even the most aggressive cats.
  • The carbon fiber rod of the EVA handle is low in weight, and even after long hours of use there is no fatigue. You can retract the tunnel to a small size again after the playing session is over.


  • As all cat owners will know, some cats can be picky when it comes to new tunnels, beds and houses, so your kitty may take some coaxing to use the tunnels.


This is a great inexpensive way to offer hours of entertainment to your cat. Although some cats have a habit of quickly getting bored of these things, it can be useful to invest in the toy once and see how your pet reacts to it.


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