Review: Me & My Small Zip Up Igloo Pet Bed

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Give your pets a stylish place to play and sleep with Me & My Zip Up Igloo Pet Bed. This grey tartan igloo will look sweet in any home and your pets will adore it.

As well as the perfect space for play and rest, the igloo gives pets their own private space; it’s a great little hideaway for pets who need a comfort zone. A pet who feels safe is a happy pet and will help you create a strong bond with your animal.

Who Can Use This Pet Bed?

This pet bed is absolutely fantastic for any small pets. Naturally, the bed is a winner with cats. They will spend hours upon hours running through the igloo and even more time sleeping inside. However, the igloo is also suitable for a huge range of other pets.


Small dog breeds will love to cosy up in this soft space. It will keep them warm and help them to feel safe.


If you have an indoor rabbit, the Me & My Zip Up Igloo Bed is amazing. Rabbits love to run through tunnel shaped objects and you’ll have a great time watching them play. After your rabbits have worn themselves out, they’ll sleep happily inside the soft interior.


As said earlier, cats LOVE these types of igloos for play and rest. They may even use it for scratching, which is perfect for those of you who are fed up of their cats terrorising the upholstery! You may also consider this if you’ve got a hairless cat in need of some extra warmth.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs will get great comfort hiding away and keeping snug in this igloo.

Product Features

  • Suitable for a large range of small pets
  • A great space for pets to rest and play in
  • Polyester exterior
  • Can be unzipped and folded away – great for travel
  • Machine washable
  • Fleece lining for the most comfortable place for your pet
  • Length 38cm / width 30cm / height 26cm (when open)

As well as the features above, the pet bed is machine washable (on a lower temperature – be sure to be careful when you dry it; air drying is probably best, so you don’t misshape the product) and very light. It’s great for long time use and perfect for travel. A lovely igloo if you like to holiday and have weekend breaks away with your pet.

This is the perfect pet accessory for those looking to buy something special for their pet that doesn’t take a lot of assembly or that doesn’t take up a lot of room in the home. It is also a great accessory to buy your child if they have a pet and want something to give to their animal. Children will be able to put the Me & My Zip Up Igloo Pet Bed up themselves, giving them the satisfaction and responsibility of looking after their pet without the help of their mum and dad.

If you want a reasonably priced play and sleeping area that looks lovely in your home, definitely have a look at the Me & My Pet Igloo.


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