The Best Cat House Reviews

Where does your kitty sleep at night?

Your feline friend needs a home to call its own at night (assuming it isn’t out prowling the streets!). These cat houses are the perfect home within a home for your cat and can even double up as activity centres.

A basic cat house is a very affordable addition to any home.

Cat House Reviews

Heated cat houses are snug and your cats will love them!

Your cat will love nothing better than to snuggle up in their warm and cost new house.

Cat houses come in a variety of different styles

From a simple padded dome to a much more elaborate house and combination play tower, you’ll find something to suit your budget.

We can’t guarantee your cat will use it!

Cats will do their own thing as you know! But these cat houses are all from reputable brands and have lots of happy customers.

A Quick Comparison of Cat Houses

We've selected our top 3 cat houses so you can quickly pick one!

Me & My Igloo

Best for price. At under £10 this is fantastic value and comes with loads of customer recommendations!

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SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

SmartCat Bunkbed and Playroom

Best for functionality. This is great because it doubles up as a cat house and an activity centre. Your cats will love this!

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ABO Gear Kitty Compound Cat Play House

Gear Kitty Cat Play Tunnel

Best for outdoors. This is a very unique product – a safe outdoors tunnel and cat house – great if you want a safe space for younger cats.

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      They’re generally for people with house cats that might be a bit too timid to venture outdoors, but are still curious. The playpens can be setup in a back garden and encourage the cats to run in and out (they’re not kept inside all the time).

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