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Sometimes, keeping your dog occupied and entertained is a challenge. Just like kids, they get bored especially if their toys aren’t creative. If you are looking for a fun way to entertain and at the same time feed your dog then the Tyker interactive dog toys might be just what you need. It is one of the best treat dispensing dog toy for puppies and small, medium, and large dogs. It is bone shaped and has a bright blue color that’s attractive and fun. This toy will keep them busy for hours trying to get to every treat in there. This toy is designed with a combination of features which makes it the ideal boredom breaker for your pet.


1. Tough Material

The My Hound interactive toy is made using a tough thermo-plastic rubber which helps it withstand the strong jaws of your dog. Unlike flimsy toys, this one will endure the constant biting and chewing by dogs yet still hold its form.

2. Gum Soother

Puppies and small dogs especially find this toy quite entertaining. Apart from dispensing their treats, the rubber material soothes their gums hence offering them the relief that they need. This is due to the small bumps all over the surface of the toy.

3. Ideal Shape

This toy happens to have an ideal shape that will keep your little pup entertained for hours. The bone shape is an instant attraction but it is the contours that will facilitate a firm hold when they are reaching in for the treats. This is unlike a round shaped toy that will keep rolling away.

4. Strategic opening

The idea behind the My Hound treat dispenser is to dispense the treats at an interval which will keep your pet busy for a few hours. In this case, the toy is designed with a hole that’s just enough to dispense one treat at a time. Getting to every one of them is the fun part that will keep your dog occupied for a few hours.

5. Safe Material

Your dog’s safety is paramount and their toys should always be friendly. It is advisable to check the safety of the materials used especially if it is designed to go to your dog’s mouth. The My Hound treat dispenser is BPA free and considered safe for your dog. In this case, the little hound can enjoy chewing on it without worrying about acquiring a disease as a result.

6. Big Enough

This toy measures 12.7 cm in length and can hold adequate treats inside. This rules out the need to frequently monitor and refill it. The toy can hold just enough treats to last the pup a few hours.


  • Durable
  • Friendly Shape
  • Easy to hold


  • Can get destroyed by a dog’s strong jaws

Considering the perks of the Tyker My Hound treat dispensing toy for small, medium and large dogs, this toy is indeed a worthy purchase. The fact that it is made of a strong material that will withstand they sharp teeth of a dog guarantees its durability. It also adds value to your money. However, it is important to note that the toy may not be able to withstand the strong jaws of larger dogs.


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