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Dogs absolutely love treats and the majority of dogs also like playing games. Combining the two creates an amazing product that is going to keep your toy occupied for hours. Let’s take a look at the Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer Strategy game so you can discover what it is all about.


This product comes in a bright green/white design and it measures 24 x 20cm in diameter. It is really easy to use, basically the treats are put into the top of the product and there are a variety of features that test your dog’s memory and help him get his treat. If your dog presses the remote control included, the rewards will come out of the dispenser. This item is battery operated, with 3 AAA batteries being required for the Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer Strategy game to work to its full potential.


  • Some dogs are smarter than others which is why there is increasing levels to really challenge your canine. You can start off easy and make the game a little more difficult as your dog becomes skilled at it.
  • There is a rotating reservoir inside the dispenser, which is included for your convenience. There is an adjustable opening so that you can choose how quickly you want the treats released.
  • The release button is really stable and there is an additional holder included to ensure this.


  • It is a really sturdy product with rubber feet that make it non slip. You can be rest assured that whatever size your dog, they will be safe when using the Trixie Dog Activity Trainer.
  • It makes giving your pet a treat so much more interesting. Having to work for the treat is fun but challenging for your dog and should give them some much needed entertainment,
  • The product is really easy to set up and use, with full instructions for your convenience. This booklet also has handy tips and tricks for getting the most from the item.
  • It has positive reviews (mostly 5 star) from customers all over the world, who have actually tried this product for themselves. Who can you trust more than dog owners who had a genuine need for the product?


It’s really nice to spoil your dog from time to time and the Trixie Dog Activity Memory Trainer Strategy game is definitely an item that is worth investing in. It is fun, easy to use and will keep your dog occupied for hours, as they frantically try to release the treats from the reservoir. It’s always a good idea to keep your pets mind working and this product definitely does just that. A well stimulated dog means both pet and owner are going to be much happier so give this item a try today.


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