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If you are looking for some toys for your dog to keep him engaged and prevent his boredom then interactive toys are the best choice for him.

Treat dispensing interactive toys can be an additional reason of pleasure for your dog. These interactive toys can be used to amuse dogs of all types including puppies, small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. You can stop their boredom as well as improve their eating habits just by filling these chewable toys with something they like to eat. In this write-up we are reviewing bone shaped treat dispensing interactive dog toys offered by Tyker to help you know them more closely.


This bone shaped interactive and treat dispensing toy for your dog includes following features:

  • Available in Red and Blue colour variants
  • Its length is 7″
  • It can stimulate your dog when you fill it with some treat
  • Along with stimulating your dog it also stops his boredom
  • It is ideally strong so that your dog may like to chew it
  • It also helps in cleaning the teeth of your dog due to its unique design


Relieve separation anxiety and boredom: Sometimes dogs have to spend lots of time alone when family members are busy in their routine works like office and school etc. In such situation your dog feel bore and lonely. A treat dispensing interactive toy can help you to keep busy the mind of your dog. Some dogs show separation anxiety even if family members have gone away for a short period of time. This separation anxiety can also be reduced considerably with treat filled toys as they will be great source of fun for him.

Improve his chewing habits: Every dog whether he is a puppy, small, medium or grown up, needs something to chew when he has nothing else to do. If you do not give him something to chew then he will chew your shoes, corner of your favourite furniture or other similar thing. In such condition if you give him an interactive toy filled with treat then you can not only your valuable items but also help your dog in improving his chewing habits.

Fun and bonding: The treat dispensing interactive toys can provide only fun to your dog but to improve bonding with your dog you will have to spend some time with him. Along with treat toys you can also find various other interactive toys for him like puzzles which you can set near him and help him to play with them. It will not only entertain your dog with treats but also develop a bonding with you more than your expectations.


So if you are searching something to keep your dog busy especially when you are away at your work then treat dispensing interactive toys can be right choice for you. These toys will not only keep your dog engaged but also bring him closer to you.


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