Review: Legendog Rubber Dog Balls Toys

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This 3 pack of rubber balls on ropes are a fantastic, high quality and durable purchase for dog owners.

The rubber is made of a hard material that does not break easily. It lasts longer than all other toys made for dogs. These balls are made of a material that is not harmful to the environment. Toys that are red in color attract your dog’s attention more than any other color. The size of the ball is approximately seven centimeters and the length of the rope is almost twenty-two centimeters which are the ideal size of toy for medium and large sized dogs. This toy has an amazing design with a rope that is safe and durable enough for dogs to play with. In the case of digestion, the material is not in the least bit toxic to dogs.

You can use this toy in order to train your dog to fetch things when you throw them. It keeps your dog active, happy and energetic. This toy increases your interaction and bonding with your dog. This toy is used by the dog to chew on and play with and can also be used to train a dog. It gives the dog something else to chew on and destroy rather than your furniture and other household items that are not meant to be destroyed. This toy keeps your dog mentally alert and curious as well as serving as a source of entertainment.


  • The red color of the balls draws your dog’s attention
  • Durable, strong, non- toxic rubber material
  • Strong material will last longer and is not easily prone to damage
  • Is almost the same size as a tennis ball
  • The package contains three balls, which makes it extremely cost effective
  • The rope makes the toys more interactive


The balls and rope really are durable, even for the largest, most aggressive of dogs such as a Rottweiler, Doberman, German shepherd, and Dalmatian. They are also attractive, entertaining and  of a high quality which means they are not prone to be destroyed or damaged easily because of chewing or playing by the dogs. These were the topmost ball toys for dogs by customers who had tried other toy ball toys for dogs.

The customers have experienced the durable material of the balls and have witnessed what the ball can withstand when the dogs get really hyper and play with these balls. These balls are definitely the kind of toys your dog craves and do not need to be replaced frequently because they are long-lasting, durable and strong, and not prone to destruction by dogs of all kinds, whether they are large, small, or medium size. It can boost the activity of even the laziest and unenergetic of dogs, they can use to make the dog more animated, and give them the much-needed exercise in a fun, entertaining way for the dogs.

Customers are happy with the product because it keeps their dogs busy for hours.


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