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Dogs love to chase, retrieve, shake and chew things. Therefore, it is very important to have productive toys around them, so they do not ruin or play with the things they are not supposed to. The Kerbl Cotton Bone is such a toy and is a must have for all dog owners.


The Kerbl Cotton Bone is an interactive toy made out of cotton and jute which will last long even when your dog tries to rip it apart. So quality is not a matter of concern because it is made with the highest quality materials so that your dog doesn’t pull his or her new gift apart. The Kerbl Cotton Bone is known to last longer than all the other cotton toys and customers throughout the world have appreciated this. The ends may be chewed off due to rigorous pulling but your dog will not be able to unravel the Kerbl bone from the middle due to its sturdy make.

The Kerbl Cotton Bone comes multicolored in order to grab your dog’s attention the minute he spots it. This toy contains natural fibers which play a significant part in cleaning your dog’s teeth. Throughout the day your dog is likely to bite and chew the toy which has many benefits.

Key features

  • Sturdy material
  • Pure cotton and jute
  • Interactive toy category
  • Fit for training purpose
  • Excellent for retrieving
  • Strengthens jaws
  • Cleans teeth

Suitable for

  • Puppies
  • Medium sized dogs
  • Large dogs

Product Features

The Kerbl Cotton Bone is an excellent toy for retrieving purpose, and your dog will be busy throughout the day with this multicolored and multi-textured rope. It is a perfect fit for teething purposes for younger dogs as well. Even after rigorous chewing the toy remains in good shape and will not tear apart. You can teach your dog many things with this toy such as the basics of obedience and also many games like fetching and speak on command.

As a puppy grows, it requires a few things to strengthen its jaws which will lead to a powerful bite so it is very important to provide them with these toys. Another benefit is that buying such low priced toys will keep the dog’s teeth healthy and will save a lot of money as compared to dental chews.

The Kerbl Cotton Bone will release the aggression in dogs and will generate a neutral behavior which is very significant if you already have an aggressive breed. Furthermore, having so many benefits, the Kerbl cotton bone, is a perfect gift for your loved pet.


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