Review: Focuspet Braided Rope Toy Set

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The Focuspet braided rope toys offer more than just playtime. Have you ever thought of a toy to be more than just a symbol of joy and pleasure for your loved pet? As children playing with interactive toys will enhance their abilities to communicate, understand situations and also increase thinking capabilities, the same applies to our pets.


The Focuspet braided rope is made out of pure cotton; it is safe and nontoxic which also makes it clean and edible for your dog to chew it without any damage. This toy is distinctively modeled for highest quality which will not harm our dog even if the little puppy eats some of it out of joy.

The package includes 6 types of pet bite toys, and all 6 are in different color and different shape which include; a long lob, rope ball, giraffe, frisbee, rope knot and candy rope knot. Therefore, with this one packet, your dog has a wide variety of toys to play with and is never going to get bored when you are not around. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Key features

  • Soft Cotton Material
  • Beneficial for teeth
  • Interactive Toy
  • Perfect for training purposes
  • Enhances jaw strength
  • Variety of toys

Suitable for:

  • Puppies
  • Medium sized dogs

Product Features

The most exciting feature of the Focuspet set of toys is that it is extremely beneficial for the dog’s teeth. This rope chew toy features solid knots that help clean your dog’s teeth and also improves dental health. Chewing on these safe cotton ropes will keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy and will also strengthen its jaw. This is extremely vital for puppies because they need to nourish their jaws and need great amount of exercise to improve their bite and keep their teeth clean.

Focuspet Rope Toy Set

As well as offering much joy, this collection provides a combination for grinding teeth which can reduce the rate of having calculus and also sustains the freshness of oral cavity. It is also very important to play with dogs and puppies as it keeps them mentally and physically smart. Also, with such an interactive play time your dog will enjoy every moment spent with you and, thus, it will create the strong bond, your self-esteem and you will find your dog much more obedient towards you.

Many toys exist in the market, but Focuspet toy set allows a multifunctional play which keeps the dog lively, clever and active. Young puppies need to have their judging abilities enhanced, and that can only be achieved by smart play. Chewing on these braided ropes will release the frustration and energy inside the dogs, and it will also keep your furniture safe. This is a perfect choice which offers joy as well as many other benefits.


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