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The Pamela Pineapple Softee is a treat for all the dogs, and if you are a pet lover and you feel delighted to gift toys to your pets, this is the right choice for you.

As you know, all pets crave love, care, and nourishment, they cannot speak, but they can feel every moment and respond to it with their expressions, and that’s when you know what makes them happy or sad.

We all know the feeling of accomplishment when our dogs wag their tails in happiness and joy. If you want to treat your dog with a toy, Pet Love Fruit Softee-Pamela Pineapple is something he or she will love to play with.


Pamela Pineapple Softee dog toy is a cute and cushy plush toy made for your much loved buddies. This toy is made with extra soft and smooth materials that are tightly stitched for real toughness, and that is done for the time when your dog gets over excited while playing with it. With the soft and tough materials used it will not be easy for your dog to rip this toy apart in joy.

Key Features

  • Extra soft materials
  • Tightly stitched for extra toughness
  • Pineapple shaped
  • Colorful plush toy
  • Nice internal squeaker
  • Very safe to play with
  • No risk of choking


  • Strong material
  • Machine washable

Suitable for:

  • Large dogs
  • Medium sized dogs

Product Features

Along with being so vibrant in colors, it comes in a pineapple shape and is integrated with an internal squeaker that produces a sound when pressed to increase excitement during play time. The Pet Love Fruit Softee-Pamela Pineapple is a toy with great comfort and spreads happiness as soon as your pet buddy gets it. It is specially designed for medium to large sized dogs, and it is also choke free because of its size.

The bright yellow color tends to attract the attention of your dog immediately, and if the color is still not enough, then you can make use of the internal squeaker to attract your loved pet dog.

The dimensions of this plush toy are 11.6cm x 21.3cm x 43cm which makes it a good size and also prevents the problem of choking.

The materials used in the making of the Pamela Pineapple Softee plush toy are extremely safe and strong. So you do not have to worry about the toy being ruined once you gift it to your dog as it is also stitched tightly to give it a sturdy outlook. The materials used in the making are machine washable at a low temperature so once your four legged buddy is done for the day playing with it you can put the plush toy in the washing machine to make it as good as new again.

Therefore, if you wish to treat your dog with the most beautiful gift then the the Pamela Pineapple Softee plush toy is the right choice.


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