Review: KONG Cuteseas Octopus Dog Toy

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The KONG Cuteseas Octopus Dog Toy is a toy that is meant for small dogs, and comes from the brand KONG.

Product Description

The toy is cute to look at, and comes designed like a clumsy octopus and it is available in a bright purple and pink combination color.

The squeaker and crinkling foil integrated into the design makes dogs feel encouraged to play. The product has been constructed out of soft corduroy, which makes it perfect for small and cute puppies. It has been made keeping especially those dogs in mind that shake toys vigorously while playing with them.


The Octopus toy is made of various types of materials, including plastic squeaker, polyfil stuffing and polyester.


The small version measures 17 cm (length) by 6 cm (weight) by 6 cm (height). The larger version is 32 cm (length) by 13 cm (weight) by 11 cm (height) in overall dimensions.


  • The toy is fun to play with, and has a durable design that can make it last for a long time. You can play games of fetch for hours with your pet with this wonderfully designed toy.
  • The octopus toy has a strikingly unconventional appearance, and would appeal to small pets which are quirky themselves. It would add some amount of variety to the playing sessions of your pup, and entertain it even more.
  • It produces funny sounds while played with, which can make pups even more desirous to frolic with the toy. Even pups that are very picky with their toys cannot resist playing with it.
  • The versatile toy has a superior finish and can be perfect for cuddling and playing. Even when it is constantly being chewed, bit, pulled or buried, it can stay more or less intact.
  • Despite a slightly higher price tag, like any other Kong toy, it is a better choice than 3 – 4 other cheap toys bought together.


  • Once your pup’s adult teeth shows up, the toy might not last for long. Bottom line – do not buy it if you have bigger dogs at home.

Last Thoughts

With its unconventional design, durability and excellent size and sounds, this is a dog toy worth buying. If you wish to give something to your small canine friend to stay engaged with for hours, you will undoubtedly find this toy to be one of the best options.


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