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The Santa Meerkat is an interactive gift for your loved pets, and it is that one pleasure which will make your dog’s fall in love with you. The squeaker is likely to grab all the attention of your dog, and it is something that your dog will love to hear when you press it.

Product features

The Santa Meerkat is a soft and cuddly plush toy made to enhance the happiness of your pet dogs. The toy is made out of soft materials which are also safe for your dogs to play around with. It is a comforting toy with a squeaker which will help you communicate better with your dog. It is made so that your dog can release all the energy will playing with it. The hidden squeaker will encourage your dog to play with it even more, and it will keep him or her busy till the end of the day.


The Santa Meerkat, is dressed like a Santa in a red gown and the bright colours used in making it attract everyone towards it. It is ideally designed to be a festive present for your furry friends, and you should consider gifting your loved pets the Santa Meerkat at Christmas.

If you want to keep your pets entertained and active all over Christmas, then you should consider purchasing the Santa Meerkat instantly.

Key Features

  • Very soft make
  • A festive toy

Suitable for:

  • Large dogs
  • Medium sized dogs

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