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The Animal Instincts Snow Mate Annika Arctic Fox is a soft toy from Animal, which has been designed for small pets, such as puppies and kittens.


This is a large toy and has an overall weight of 99.8 g. It measures 39 x 10 x 8 cm in overall dimensions. It comes in two sizes, with the small one measuring 20cm and the large one 30cm in overall size from the nose to the tail.


  • The interactive toy has been constructed out of super soft fabric, and it offers a squeaky, soft feel to pets when they play with it. It is also very comfortable to snuggle up with, even after play sessions are over.
  • This is a perfect fetch and retrieve toy that has been integrated with a squeaker that allows optimal joy for dogs while playing.
  • It belongs to the Snow Mates range that has won a lot of appreciation from customers.


  • With bright blue eyes, the toy looks cute and inviting enough for small pets to play with it. Even if you have a pet that attacks every other toy, it is unlikely that it will hate this one enough to pull and shred it to bits.
  • The use of the premium quality fabric makes it last for a long time, or until your pets are grown up enough to shred any toy into pieces.
  • Even if your pet has developed sharp little teeth, it can withstand biting and chewing as well as tossing around. This is a well made toy that does not easily fall apart.
  • The squeaker in the toy makes just the sort of noise that would attract any pet to it. Although it could be bettered, it is nice enough to serve its purpose.


  • There is nothing wrong about this product. However, if your pet is very choosy, it might not like to play even with this toy. Also, kittens might fee slightly intimidated to play with it.

Bottom Line

This is undoubtedly a top notch toy, and there is no reason why you should not have it for your pet. It has been priced right and can stay intact for a long time, allowing many hours of fun and interactive playing sessions for your small pup. You will love to have this sturdy toy that appears to be assembled really well.


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