Review: Outhwaite Padded Tartan Dog Coat

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The Outhwaite Padded Tartan Dog Coat is a product that’s designed for pet lovers who prefer to keep their furry little friends warm and dry especially during the cold seasons. Unlike most products out there, this one is designed with your dog’s comfort and value for your money in mind. The coat is 100% water resistant, has a warm lining and fits different sized dogs. The strong stitching and highly comfortable material used guarantees the coat’s durability hence value for your money.

Besides this, the Outhwaite dog coat has many other perks that are worth taking note of.

It’s warm

Gone are the days when your dog had to shiver and whine all night long because of the biting cold. This dog jacket is designed with a warm interior lining that will trap your pup’s body heat around its skin for warmth.

It’s waterproof

The Outhwaite jacket is waterproof which means that you can take the little guy out for walks without stressing over the weather. The material used is so strong that you do not have to worry about the coat tearing and leaking in water. The waterproof material also sees to it that your dog remains clean even after hours of play out in the yard.

It’s made from breathable material

Although the material is strong, durable and waterproof, it is impressively comfortable for the little guy. It is light in weight which means that the coat will not weigh the dog down.
The material is also breathable which means that the pet can keep their skin cool for comfort.

It has taped seams

To finish off the well thought off design of the coat is well-taped seams. These are well done which rules out chances of unfinished edges painfully rubbing off on the dog’s skin. Your dog can comfortably wear the coat all day without experiencing any discomfort from the seams.

It has rear leg straps

In order to keep it in place, this padded tartan dog coat comes with some efficient leg straps. It prevents the coat from rubbing against the dog’s skin which can cause irritation. These straps are in no way uncomfortable to the dog.

It has an adjustable Velcro belly strap

The Outhwaite Padded Dog Coat comes with a velcro belly strap. This sees to it that the jacket fits different sized dogs comfortably. All you need to do it adjust and secure it to your dog’s comfort. This also facilitates room for growth. It means that the coat can be used even after your dog experiences a growth spurt.


  • Hanging loop
  • Machine washable
  • Fully taped seams
  • Water and windproof
  • Warm lining
  • Comes in 8 sizes to suit different sized dogs

According to other pet owners, this coat has proven to be good value for money. It is of high quality, comfortable for the dog, effective and durable. It well serves its intended purpose which is to keep your dog dry and warm. The fact that one size fits different sized dogs means that your dog can use the jacket for an extended period of time. In addition to this, the strong material also sees to it that the coat remains damage free.


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