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Winter can be harsh to our pets especially if they are too young or lack a thick coat of fur on their bodies. If too harsh, the cold can make them sick and consequently render them inactive. The Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat is specially designed to keep little dogs warm and comfortable during the cold season. This coat is designed with a combination of features which make it an ideal fleece lining coat for your little pup.

All Weather Material

This vest is designed to withstand various weather conditions. During extreme weather, you can rest assured that your pet will remain warm. The lining of the coat is designed to prevent their body heat from escaping. The coat will also keep your pet dry in case its drizzling outside.

Velcro Fastening

In order to keep it in place, the Muddy paws storm guard and fleece lining coat has velcro fastening straps. These are adjustable hence guaranteed to fit different sized dogs. The fastening will not only secure the coat in place but also facilitate your dog’s comfort.

This product also comes with elasticated leg straps which are comfortable and do not irritate or hinder the dog’s activities.

Reflective Edge Tape

The dark fur on dogs makes them difficult to spot especially in the dark. This puts them at risk of being hit by cars or kicked by absent-minded pedestrians. The storm guard and fleece lining coat has a visible reflective edge tape that will come in handy when walking the dog or let him play at night.

Suitable Material

When it comes to dog attire, durability goes a long way. The Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat is made using a durable material that will see it serving your pup for an extended period of time. The all-weather material can withstand even harsh weather without compromising its functionality. Your dog can play in it under the sun without worrying about the coat fading.
However, the most important thing about this fleece lining coat is that it is gentle to your dog and does not cause them any discomfort. The leg and neck allowance does is big enough to facilitate movement so the pup can comfortably play with the coat on.


  • Easy to wash- machine friendly
  • All weather material
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Visible reflectors on edges
  • Can use a harness with this jacket

A look at the features of the Muddy Paws Stormguard Coat, it is fair to say that this coat is a worthy investment. The fact that it will keep your little furry friend warm and clean is impressive. This coat is especially suitable for dogs, such as, springer spaniel and beagle which are small breeds. In order to secure their safety, this coat comes with a reflector tape all around the edges which is meant for your dog’s visibility is vital. This way, nighttime walks are rendered safe for the little fellow. The durable material is an added advantage that adds value to your money.


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