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Do you love to take your dog on a walk? If yes, the Go Walk HI Vis coat should be a perfect fit for your dog regardless of the walking conditions. It’s adjustable straps and unique design adequately compensates the need for versatility and practicality.

My dog “Lucy” gets twitchy and obviously excited whenever it’s time for her walk. I know it’s not because I am such a great company but because of the overwhelming feeling of freedom she gets thanks to her new Go Walk coat. When Lucy is happy, I am happy as well, so it’s our favorite outdoor gear.

Exactly what makes Go Walk HI Vis coat unique?

The coat’s unique water resistant design ensures that dogs are protected and kept dry at all times during winter conditions. In fact, you could call it the “winter dog coat” and you wouldn’t be wrong. The hi visibility strips almost guarantee safety when taking a walk in any dark and wintery condition.

Go Walk HI Vis coat is slightly padded at relevant points to provided shape and protection when your dog gracefully takes those majestic steps down any street that you choose. The padding also helps to maintain your dog’s natural body temperature at all times.

The adjustable straps ensures the coat is a perfect fit for your dog in a way that guarantees comfort and elegance.


Every Go Walk HI Vis coat regardless of color should exhibit all of the features enumerated below.

  • Water proof coverings to resist rain and other windy conditions.
  • It’s premium wash at 30 degrees ensures that it is not a problem to keep it clean after every walk.
  • Adjustable straps and secure fastenings provide the comfort your dog needs during every walk. However, sizes may differ when it comes to the full range of Go Walk coats.
  • Leg straps are elastic as well to provide a secure fit that brings both comfort and freedom.
  • Size variety ensures that you can choose coat sizes up to 50cm.
  • A robust color variety and vast range of sizes to choose from makes your choices almost infinite.

Go Walk HI Vis coats are unique and should fit your dog’s body structure as long you have a decent idea of the shape and body measurements.


Your dog wouldn’t be wearing too many outdoor gears so getting it a coat from one Go Walk’s Range of coat isn’t a bad idea at all. Lucy like I earlier mentioned gets overly excited when it’s time to put her favorite coat on for an evening stroll or daily walk. Your dog can have a similar feeling of comfort and freedom every time you take it for a walk.

Since Go Walk HI Vis coats are available in different colors and sizes, you need to be sure about your dog’s specifications before setting out to buy one. Getting the wrong size and colour of coat or outdoor gear may defeat the original purpose of the coat’s design and equally piss your dog off. Know the specifications before making your choice.


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