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As a pet owner, keeping your greyhound clean, warm and dry is essential as it contributes to their health and happiness. If you are looking for an effective way to achieve this then the Ginger Ted Showerproof Greyhound, Lurcher & Whippet dog coat is what you should be looking into. This is a unique and attractive coat that is specially designed to keep your dog dry, clean and most importantly, warm. The interior of the coat is made of polyester. The exterior of the coat is waterproof, windproof and at the same time breathable. Besides these, the coat has other features which make it an ideal choice for your greyhound.

1. Warm Material

Winter can be quite harsh for our little pets hence the need to improvise and add them some warmth. This jacket is well lined with a layer of warm fleece. This is guaranteed to keep your four-legged friend well comforted regardless of the freezing temperatures outside.

2. Belly Strap

Normally, dogs are playful animals who love to play and run around. In this case, the Ginger Ted waterproof jacket is designed with a belly strap that goes secures the jacket into place. The strap is comfortable and in no way does it harm or harshly rub against your dog’s skin. It is also adjustable which means that you can adjust it as the dog grows or even after a meal to their comfort. They can play all they want without worrying about the jacket coming undone.

3. Fold-Back High-Neck Wither Flap

This coat is designed to go all the way up to your hound’s neck. This contributes to its warmth. However, when its warm outside, this can be folded back with ease. This also comes in handy if your dog has more room to grow.

4. Contoured Shape

Unlike flat jackets, this one is designed with a contour which comfortably suits greyhounds, whippets, and lurchers. It tends to flow along with the natural contour of the dog’s body hence facilitating the dog’s comfort.

5. Durable Fabric

The material used to make the coat is of strong and able to withstand frequent wear. It will be a long while before you need to replace the Ginger Ted Greyhound Jacket. This jacket also has quick fastening that especially comes in handy with impatient dogs. The body of the jacket is adjustable as well as the front straps.

6. Harness Slot

This jacket can also be worn when going for walks as it is designed with a harness slot.


  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable for comfort
  • Tough and durable material
  • Light in weight for comfort
  • High quality


  • The strap may come undone every now and then especially if not well fastened.

From its features and advantages, the Ginger Ted Dog Coat is a worthy purchase. The fact that the body of the jacket is specially contoured to flow with the shape of the greyhound facilitates comfort. It enables the dog to feel comfortable while in it. The adjustable straps are also a bonus as they allow the owner to adjust it as per the needs of the dog. The material is also of high quality which means that the jacket will serve you a long time before needing to be replaced.


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