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Keep your dog warm, dry and stylish with the Cosipet Cosi Kilt. Your pets deserve some tender, love and care always. Build your relationship with them by glamming them and keeping them fit like a fiddle. Ideal for use in the winter, your dog can rock this classic coat when out for a stroll. If you frequent the airport for flight travels, your dog in its jacket will catch everyone’s attention.

Product Description

For aesthetic purpose, you can dress your dog in this coat for weddings and other outdoor events. Comes in a classic and striking tartan that never goes out of fashion.

The woollen jacket is of reasonable weight and as a heat absorber, the winter season is well taken care of. The cosipet provides enough warmth to your dog preventing ailments like flu and breathing related issues in pets. The neck area is not tight fitting and cannot cause chocking.

Blending with acrylic gives an adorable result. The smoothness of the jacket is unspeakable and gives an amazing gloss. Acrylic allows for quick drying after washing. The golden gilt buttons are beautifully fixed and their brightness marvels your heart.

Winter may cause mud and lots of rainy days. This coat made from a blend of wool and acrylic takes the place of a raincoat if you don’t carry one when out. Your dog’s body is protected from showers. When they roll in mud with the Cosipet Cosi Kilt, the fur around their chest, back and tummy remains as clean. Cleaning up your dog afterwards is quick.

Light in weight, it doesn’t cause discomfort once worn by the dog. This aspect makes drying a quick affair. Storage space needed is little. Gently fold it and store in the pet wardrobe. It is not bulky.

The traditional pleated kilt is spot on and admirable. The double coloured pleats are the first to notice. Good thing, you can hand or machine wash this cosipet cosi kilt with mild detergent to prevent the wool from getting damaged. Machine dry, iron and store in a dry place to keep the pleats intact and prevent effects from mildew and mould. Bleaching it is not advisable. Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze-no migraine.

Product Features

  • Four adjustable golden gilt buttons
  • Gorgeous pleated kilt
  • Acrylic and woollen jacket
  • Black watch coloured
  • Light in weight-159gms


Love your pets and have them looking adorable each time. The Black Watch Cosipet Cosi Kilt provides ultimate protection to your dog. Their smooth and gorgeous fur on their torso and back area remain intact once on. Let you and your pet stand out in your friend’s wedding or any other social gathering.

Dogs are adventurous and love to climb over and have some fun. This coat acts as a protective gear when outdoors. Thorns and tree barks can easily prick into their skin and cause terrible injuries. Get them safe and protected every time they are out.

You may be surprised that our pets are affected by weather changes. The cosi kilt offers enough warmth to your dog keeping away illnesses like dog flu and chest congestion. You need that barking sound more masculine like it should be. This Cosipet Cosi Kilt is worth every dime spent on it.


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