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The Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is a luxurious product that is complete with 2 platforms, making your feline as comfortable as possible while they care for their claws.

There is also a toy that they can play with which younger cats are sure to enjoy, making the experience even more exciting.

It’s available at a very reasonable price, especially when considering all the different features that this item has to offer. The natural beige colored scratching post is definitely more advanced than others on the market.

The dimensions of the item is 43.8cm x 32.4cm x 70.5cm, which is fairly large and ideal for cats of all different ages and sizes.


– In addition to the scratching post itself, this product has a 1 comfy cave, 2 boards to lay on, 2 posts and a little toy to play with on an elastic. This means in addition to keeping their claws in good condition, your car can relax and have fun with this product. The way that the scratching post is set up means that your cat can use the posts from a number of different positions. It really is multi functional and guaranteed to keep your pet happy.

– It’s a very sturdy scratching post that stays in place after you set it up. Even if you have the most boisterous cat in the world, you do not need to worry about this item toppling over when it is being used. The dangly ball toy feature makes the scratching post even more fun but this can be cut off if your cat is not interested in it. The top platform on the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is ideal for your cat to perch themselves on, as they watch the world go by.

– The fabric used on the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post is soft and plush, giving your cat the comfort it needs at all times. The cosy cave is also an ideal place for your cat to sleep and this is why many felines seem to enjoy the scratching post more than they would just an ordinary one.

– The posts themselves are made with sisal material, which is both natural and durable. You can be rest assured that your cat won’t have any bad reactions with these posts and it’s ideal for all animals to trim their claws on.


As you can see, the Trixie Valencia Scratching Post has all the benefits your cat could need and this product in particular is definitely a good investment if you are searching for such an item. With all advantages and no drawbacks to this scratching post, what’s not to love about it? It’s a beautiful looking scratching post that would fit into any home perfectly, while your cat is sure to enjoy making the product its go to place for sleep and play.

If you are thoroughly fed up of your cat scratching the furniture in your house, even more reason to put your trust in this item.


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