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Play or sleep, play or sleep… it’s a constant kitty dilemma. The Songmics Cats Climb Tree makes both possible in the same unit!

What Does This Product Offer My Cat?

Put simply, it’s a climbing tree equipped with toys that also has a super-cosy hammock that allows your kitty to take a nap once they’re all played out.

Why make your pet choose between whether they’d like to watch the world go by, bat a ball around or close their eyes when they can do all three in one location?

Saving the space of needing to store a variety of different activities in a bed in the same room, this climbing tree will offer hours of fun for your beloved pet!

So it’s a Cat Playground?

Essentially, yes. Your kitty could make a start by enjoying a good scratch of their body or claws on the sisal rope body of the climbing tree, before they clamber up to the very top of the tree and take in all their surroundings. Expect your guard to stay here and guard their tree once they’ve been introduced!

Once kitty is ready for a nap, they can then drop into the build-in hammock for a lovely and relaxing snooze – or alternatively, they could lay on their back and spend hours batting at the in-built ball toy that hangs below the top platform until the hypnotic motion puts them to sleep.

Can Kittens and Older Cats Use This Tree?

Yes, as long as your cat does not exceed 7kg in weight, you will not have any problems with them playing on the tree. Keep it to just one cat at a time, however, as multiple pets may result in the tree toppling over.

It’s the perfect solution for anybody looking to keep their beloved furball entertained without having them causing any damage to household furniture – with the use of the Songmics Cats Climb Tree, your fur baby will be sharpening their claws and leaping dozing far away from your sofa and bed.

Will it Take Long to Set Up?

No, only ten minutes, and you will not require the use of a series of elaborate tools to complete the job. Full instructions will also be provided to avoid any confusion. It’s never been faster or easier to show your cat just how much you love them!

Product Details

The Songmics Cats Climb Tree is around 70cm tall when constructed, 50cm wide and around 36cm deep – the pillars are around 7cm deep each. It weights around 3.6kg once fully assembled.
Once put together, the tree comprises of two pillars (both of which care cover with sisal rope), a tall platform, a base, a suspended ball toy and a lovely hammock.

The tree is constructed from MDF and siderosphere, with the coating of the poles platforms, and the cosy hammock, made of soft, easy-to-clean velvet. There are also sisal ropes located on the pillars for all those scratching needs.

The tasteful and neutral beige colour ensures that the Songmics Cats Climb Tree will fit in with any room décor.


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