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All cats love a good scratch, and this activity centre blends all the fun of feline play with the relief of a good massage!

Why Do You Need This Product?

Life can get a little boring for our furry friends while we are off living our own lives and fulfilling our responsibilities, but this activity centre will keep any fur babies amused for hours.

Combining the relief that only a scratching post can provide with opportunities to climb, toys to bat around and even a cubbyhole and hammock to snooze in, this activity centre will meet every need that a kitty could possibly wish for.

So, is it Just a Scratching Post with Bells On?

Far from it – the Songmics Cat Tree with Hammock is an adventure playground for cats, all in the comfort of their own home. The activity centre is a climbing frame with multiple levels to retain interest, all kept upright by scratching posts that can deal with those hard-to-reach itchy spots – and sisal ropes to keep kitty’s claws trim. No more damaged furniture for you! What’s more, your cat can also play with suspended ball decorations once they reach the top platform.

Naturally this could all get pretty tiring, so once they’re done your cat can drop a couple of platforms and hiding in a cubbyhole for a snooze where they will not be disturbed by their kitty playmates who are still enjoying the climbing frame, or they can lay claim to the hammock at the base of the activity centre. If you’re not keen on sharing your bed with a furry family member, this could be a great opportunity to get your moggies sleeping in their own quarters!

What Cats is it Suitable For?

Any and all ages and sizes provided that none of the cats playing on the activity centre exceed a weight of 7kg. The Songmics Cat Tree Ideal for multi-pet homes this is a sturdy construct that can take the weight of up to four cats at once. If you’re concerned, just lean it up against a wall or other solid construct to add an extra layer of protection.

This flexibility and adaptability makes the activity centre just as effective as a gift for any cat-loving friends and family members as it is as a place for your own four-legged friends to play!

Is it Easy to Assemble Myself?

Yes, it’s delivered flat pack but all you’ll need to put the activity centre together is an allan key and about twenty minutes of your time. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a happy kitty that will play on it for multiple hours of every day!

Product Details

  • 154cm tall, 50cm wide and 50cm deep
  • Strong and stable, the activity centre is constructed from a combination of chipboard, velvet and sisal ropes.
  • Easy to clean – all you’ll need is a damp cloth.
  • Available in three colours; beige, grey and light grey.
  • Climbing frame consists of five platforms, a horsetail, decorative balls, a hammock and a cathouse for hiding and dozing.

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