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For a happy cat, invest in the Happypet Cat Activity Centre & Scratching Post – it’s a kitty adventure dreamland!

This Product Seems Pretty Big…

It is, and it’s worth every square inch of space that it may take up in your room. The height is adjustable at either 230 or 260cm in total, but there are a great number of different platforms that can be utilised.

The Happypet Cat Activity Centre will even save you space in the longer term, as your pets will fall in love with it and keep many of their favourite toys within its numerous spaces! The activity centre weighs about 35kg once it has been assembled, so it’s reassuringly weighty and heavy enough to support the needs of your home’s four-legged population.

Can Any Cat Use This Activity Centre?

Not just any cat – any cats, plural, no matter how young or old. There is something for every feline on this this particular adventure playground – they can climb up the poles (when not enjoying a nice relaxing scratch, of course), leap from the numerous platforms, clamber up the ladder, doze in the hammock, hide in any of the three cubbyholes of varying shapes and sizes, bat at the string suspension… there truly is no end to the possibilities of what you fur babies can get up to while playing on this activity centre!

So This Product Can Be Used for Play and Sleep?

Absolutely, yes – after all, with all the different adventures that your kitty will get up to while enjoying escapades on this giant play centre they’re sure to get tuckered out eventually.

Don’t worry if they can’t fit into the hammock or any one of the different cubbyhole huts – everything is of a different size, so they’ll find a perfect spot. If you have more than one cat in your home, so much the better; let your pets free upon the activity centre and they’ll naturally gravitate to a particular spot, or lay claim to certain areas that they’ll use a kitty toy box.

Is the Happypet Cat Activity Centre Flat-Packed?

Yes it is, but don’t be deterred – despite the elaborate nature of the many features of this activity centre, it won’t take long at all to construct and full, detailed instructions are included in the package.

Product Details

  • 230-260cm tall, 60cm wide and 60cm deep.
  • Constructed of sturdy wood that will withstand all the punishment your cats can throw at it, this activity centre is also coated in plush for comfort and sisal for any scratching requirements.
  • Cleanable with a damp cloth.
  • Comes in a tasteful and neutral beige colour, or with a fun kitty paw-print motif.
  • The full activity centre comprises numerous scratching posts that double-up as support columns, three cubbyholes for hiding and snoozing, a hammock, a ladder, a hanging string toy and
  • numerous platforms for jumping to and from.
  • Can support the weight of multiple cats at once – perfect for homes with a number of furry family members!

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