Review: PAWZ Pet Tunnel & Sleeping Bag

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What do cats love more than playing and eating? Sleeping! If you have a cat that loves to snooze the day away, you have to ensure their sleeping space is of high quality and provides them with comfort and security.

What Makes the PAWZ Road Pet Tunnel Different?

You may already own a tunnel for your cat and are wondering what makes the Pawz Road Pet Tunnel different. Most tunnels are made from thin materials that are not designed to last or be slept in. Whilst these are great for cats who love to play, they’re not suitable for when your cats need a breather. Here is where the Pawz tunnel is different. It’s made of soft fabrics, creating a safe place for cats to run wild and sleep in for hours on end. Due to the fabric, the Pawz tunnel can be put in the washing machine and left to dry, allowing you to get the product back to looking and feeling new. You won’t have to spend money on replacing new tunnels because the Pawz bed is made to last.

Pawz knows that your cat deserves the latest style and they want all of your cat accessories to look great in your home. That’s why the tunnels come in white or grey, each with a tartan design. What could be homelier and cosier than tartan?

The product is also suitable for smaller dog breeds who may benefit from an enclosed bed. It’s perfect for dogs who may be a little nervous and need something to comfort them.

Product Details

  • Great for a range of breeds of cat and small dogs
  • Fleece interior for a comfortable and warm pet
  • Machine washable
  • Good for play and rest
  • Outer material is denim – good for cats who want something to scratch – keeping them off your furniture
  • Easy to change to just a bed (instead of a tunnel) – just push the top part down

This tunnel isn’t just suitable for your cat or dog, you’ll also benefit from it! Cats (and dogs) need a lot of entertainment and owners could create a strong bond with their cat with this product. Use a dangly cat toy for hours of fun. Wait until your kitty is inside the tunnel, dangle the toy outside and you’ll have a lot of laughs watching your feline friends chase the toy. This not only provides fun for you and your pet, it also helps your pets to get some good exercise; this is great for those of you who have indoor pets. Don’t let your cats get lazy and sleep too much in the tunnel, help them with their work out (maybe not TOO much, cats can be quite temperamental if they disagree with you!).

The Pawz tunnel really is a great purchase for any pet lover out there; there isn’t a cat or dog around who won’t love it.

If you’re looking for a cute pet tunnel that can double up as a comfortable bed, look no further and go for this one.


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