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Cats love to climb, and this Little Lazy tree will enable them to do so within the safety of your own home!

Is This Just a Glorified Scratching Post?

Not at all. The cat tree is constructed from sisal, meaning that all scratching will be undertaken on this product rather than your expensive furniture, but it also offers two layers of plush, hollowed out holes for your cat to hide and relax within (cleaning these areas is very simple, just use a cloth) – as well as a comfortable cushion at the very top. You can add a separate cushion here if necessary.

The Little Lazy cat tree is just as much a play centre as it is a place for your kitty to scratch their claws and body. Standing at 73cm tall, this tree will offer plenty of opportunities to climb to a higher vantage point and survey everything in a room (it’s their house, after all – you just pay the rent), while the hollow interior provides a hiding space around 37cm in diameter that any cat can curl up inside.

You could also position the tower below a window or wardrobe that your cat likes to climb onto to give them a little step-up, or use it as an alternative point of elevation that your pet will love.

How Sturdy is the Product? Will it Topple Over?

Very sturdy indeed – the Nobby Little Lazy Cat Tree weighs around 7kg, so once you find a place for it you’ll be able to leave it with confidence. It won’t be knocked over by swishing tails and pose a safety hazard, and neither will it come down once your kitty has established themselves as king or queen of the castle and seated themselves at the peak of the tree. Placing the tree on carpet will make it even more secure and prevent any wobbles as your furry friend makes use of their new favourite accessory.

There is no weight or size restriction upon the tree provided your cat fits within the cubbyholes provided. It may not be advisable to have more than one cat use the product at any given time, though.

Is There Any Construction Involved?

No – simply remove the three from the box, place it where you’d like it to live, and you’re away! It’s a hugely efficient use of space, preventing the need to have a number of disparate beds and scratching posts dotted around a room. There is no easier way of making your cat feel safe and secure while also getting in a good scratch.

Product Details

  • Tree is 72cm tall, 37cm wide and deep, and weighs about 7kg once placed in its permanent home.
  • Can be used exclusively as a scratching post, as a climbing frame, or a small bed to hide or doze within.
  • Available in two colours, beige or grey.
  • Tree is constructed from sisal rope throughout the exterior for scratching, while the top and interior cubbyholes are lined with plush cushions that ensure your cat feels cosy.

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