The Best Dog Rope Toy Reviews

He’s always going to win, you know that right?

Every dog loves a game of tug-o-war with their owner – it can be a lot of fun for both of you! Check out these dog rope toy reviews and enjoy playing with your canine friend.

Dog Rope Toy Reviews

Rope toys are a great compromise for your dog

Bones and tough chews can be harmful to your dog’s teeth, but soft toys may be too soft. Rope toys are durable and not as harsh as bones.

Be sure that your dog doesn’t swallow strands of the rope

Swallowing threads from a rope toy can be more hazardous than pieces of a harder material. If your dog is swallowing the threads, then take the toy away.

Rope toys are a great way to interact with your dog

Dogs love to play with humans and rope toys give them a great way to use their strength and playfulness. Let them win from time to time! 

A Quick Comparison of Dog Rope Toys

We've picked our top 3 rope toys - check them out!

Kerbl Rope Toy for Dogs

Kerbl Cotton Bone

Best for price. Another low price toy for under £5, this rope toy is fantastic value.

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Focuspet Rope Toy Set

FocusPet Braided Rope Toy Set

Best for variety. This set has a range of different rope toys so as one wears out you have plenty of replacements available.

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Tailgate Dog Rope Toys

Tailmate Dog Rope Chew Set

Best for durability. This set of 3 rope toys is great value and very durable. A great purchase for any dog owner.

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Latest Dog Rope Toy Reviews All Reviews

Possessive Dog with Toy

ARTICLE: Why do dogs get possessive over toys?

There’s a difference between a dog playing a fun tug-o-war with a rope toy, and them not wanting to share their toys at all. Worse yet, they can get aggressive when you approach or try to take the toy from them. What prompts this possessive behaviour and is it something you need to be concerned about?


Fancy a tug-o-war over a rope toy?

Ask questions and share your feedback with the community.

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  1. Oh my Labrador LOVES playing with his rope toy and despite the fact that he’s a prolific chewer, his rope toys (tailmate) are lasting really well. Highly recommend!

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