The Best Dog Plush Toy Reviews

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Dogs love to play and even better, they love to play with cute plush toys.

Check out our reviews of these toys and tell us how much your dog loves to play with them in the comments.

Dog Plush Toy Reviews

There’s a good chance the toy won’t last very long

As a consequence of being soft, plush toys don’t survive a dog chewing at them for very long, so expect to clean up the remains of the toy pretty soon!

When the seams start to give way, replace it

When your dog does begin to wear out the toy, replace it before its stuffing comes out and could potentially be swallowed by the dog.

If the entire thing fits into your dog’s mouth – it’s too small

You don’t want to risk your dog swallowing the toy (goodness knows they swallow anything they can anyway!), so choose a toy that’s a good size for your dog.

A Quick Comparison of Dog Plush Toys

OK, so your dog is going to go through these pretty quickly - here's our top picks!

KONG Octopus Plush Toy

KONG: Octopus Plush Toy

Best for price. Coming in at under £5, this is a cheap gift for your dog who will love it!

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Animal Instincts Plush Toy

Annika Artic Fox Plush Toy

Best for being cute. Squeee! Just look at this cutey! Your dog will love it…assuming he can get it away from you!

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Pet Love Fruit Plush Toy for Dogs

Pet Love Pineapple Plush Toy

Best for popularity. This is a really popular plush toy from a great brand. Lot’s of happy customers can’t be wrong!

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Dog with Family

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OK, so let’s talk about plush toys

Let the community know which are your favourite.

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  1. My staffy loves plush toys, but lord he devours them in minutes! I’ve yet to find anything that will survive more than a day or so, but we’ve been trying to train him to be gentle with it and bring it back to us, rather than sit and chew through it. No success yet, but we’re still hopeful we wont have to take out a second mortgage to finance his habit.

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