The Best Cat Activity Centre Reviews

Does your cat like an adventure?

Your feline friends love to explore, and when they’re tired from their adventures, they like a cosy and quiet place to sleep. These cat activity centres will keep your cats occupied for countless hours.

Cat Activity Centres

Activity centres come in a wide range of styles

If you don’t immediately find an activity centre that fits with the decor of your home, look around at different options. There are plenty to choose from!

They also come in at a range of different prices

You can pick up a good, low cost activity centre for around £30. But the larger ones can cost upwards of several hundred pounds.

But activity centres will be loved by your cats

Your cats will love their new homes. That’s what activity centres are – homes for cats. They provide somewhere to sleep and entertainment.

A Quick Comparison of Cat Activity Centres

There are so many to choose from! Here's our top 3 cat activity centres...

Songmics Activity Centre

Songmics Cat Tree with Hammock

Best for functionality. This is a fantastic activity centre for your cats – with scratching posts, a hammock and lots of places to climb, it’ll keep them entertained for ages.

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SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

SmartCat Bunk Bed & Playroom

Best for entertainment. A fantastic, multi-functional product – this cat bed is a full playroom with a variety of toys to keep your kitty entertained.

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Songmics Climb Tree

Songmics Climb Tree

Best for price. This is a great value climbing tree and hammock for cats that is not only affordable, but good quality and from a reliable brand.

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Awesome looking cat

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  1. I have two fairly “robust” cats who love to chase each other around the house. I want to get an activity centre but I’m worried the central column won’t be strong enough to support their weight if they’re messing around with each other. Can you recommend a suitable option for them?

  2. I have had 6 kittens and 3 full grown cats over almost 3 years and the Happypet activity centre has been great for them. It’s a bit worn these days, but they’ve has so much enjoyment from it all. I definitely reocmmend this for anyone with more than one cat.

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