The Best Cat Toy Reviews

Everything from cat beds to scratching posts and more!

Our feline friends can sometimes be hard work – they are very much a law unto themselves!

But they are also incredibly loving pets and love nothing more than to be spoiled with the latest toys. Check out our latest reviews of scratching posts, beds, houses, tunnels and much more!

Cat Toy Reviews

The Latest Cat Toy Reviews

We keep this page up to date with the latest posted cat toy reviews, which contain an overview of the each individual product and relevant information such as material and specifications. Please note our reviews are subjective opinions and your own experiences with each cat toy may vary. Please let us know in the comments how you get on.


Cat Activity Centres

Activity towers will keep your cats occupied for countless hours as they explore every inch (and sprawl themselves across it in the most unlikely of ways).

Caring for your cat

We’ve produced a range of helpful cat-themed articles and guides with useful information on how to care for your cat and how to choose the right toys for them. You can see the latest guides below, or browse all the cat guides here.